Friday, April 27, 2012


Thursday, April 26 – While Paul is back in Boulder City, NV, Marsha is enjoying precious time with family and friends. But first things first.

Marsha's back was not good on her long flight back to Ohio. She took a pain pill from Nevada to Atlanta, GA, which knocked her out…she is a lightweight when it comes to pain medicine. Once she left Atlanta and landed in Canton, OH, she headed for a long nap. Kelly came to visit her along with other family members Friday night.

Finally Saturday morning, she had had enough. Kelly drove her to Stat Care where she found out she had pulled two muscles and had Sciatica. Sciatica is a symptom of another medical problem, not a medical condition on its own…a result of either an injury, back problem or muscle pull. She received an injection of two anti-inflammatory meds….one short-term and one long-term. She did receive relief from the injection. Dr. Dang also gave her a NON drowsy pain medicine which after she took one promptly passed out for three hours. So much for the NON drowsy part.

Sunday found her enjoying her church family and diner with Kelly, Dave and his parents.

Left-right: Dave, Kelly, Marsha, Jackie, Daviddave-and-kelly

Thanks Dave for buying lunch for us all.

She was sooooo happy when Monday came. She got to have her favorite all-time hair dresser, Krista, color and cut her…as she calls it…mop! Krista just opened her own salon, and Marsha wanted to give her something for the shop. So she whipped up a new basket and presented it to her. Marsha said Krista loved it. Marsha gave her a big bag of mints to put in it.



Besides visiting with Kelly, dad and family, she has been enjoying several evenings out with her good friends. The photo below are with her "Jackson Divas plus one." She has divas all over the country. This group all taught together except Joyce, who was also a teacher but in a different school district. Of course they all had tons of fun and laughter.

Front: Stephanie, Leigh Ann, Cindy. Back: Joyce, Marsha, Sharonjackson-diavs

She is SUPPOSE to be sitting on the heating pad, doing stretches and TRYING to relax. She says she is as much as she can. BUT…Thursday finds her back at Stat Care. She said the hip and back just won't stop. Again Dr. Dang was on call. He pinched, pulled, twisted and tapped everywhere. He heard no cracking in the hip joint, and Marsha told him that she had no pain when he was rotating it. Conclusion…going to take time before those muscles heal. Even though she told him the last pain meds knocked her out, he wrote a prescription for Vicodin. He said…don't drive if she takes one….NO DUH! She got the prescription filled but won't take it unless she is in dire need.

We will skip hiking Red Rock Canyon this time around. Paul will continue is two-a-day bike rides. We will walk the streets of Las Vegas when Marsha arrives back on Saturday.

For all of you that fell for Paul pitiful attempt for sympathy, Marsha agrees with Margery…Hey, Paul...just how much mess can one person and one cat make? Please don't feel sorry a moment for him. He puts a Walmart bag on the counter, throws his garbage in there, walks all of 30 steps to dispose of it.

Also here is a picture he sent to from his phone.

Sitting outside in the gorgeous weather watching the Cleveland Indians on our new TV.

Now I, Marsha, ask you…how much work do you think is really getting done?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.