Monday, February 18, 2013


Monday, February 18 – With our time quickly winding down here in South Texas, we decided on one more trip to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. We've wanted to get some Mexican pottery to take back to Ohio with us.


Pottery is plentiful in Mexico, but we've been meaning to stop just North of the border to check out a pottery place there. That would eliminate the need of carrying heavy pots through customs and to our parked truck. Of course, when we stopped about 9 a.m. it wasn't open yet. Guess, we'll stop on the way home.

Once we paid our fifty cents to cross into Mexico, we enjoyed strolling along the street and stopping in several stores.

us in Mexico

Marsha found several gifts and some nice wine glasses. We stopped and visited with Jose, the painter, and then had lunch at the Marcado at our favorite restaurant......two for one Margaritas.....yummmmmm.


Paul stopped at Gloria's Barbershop and got a haircut for $4. What a bargain and the best haircut Paul's gotten in years!


Paul and hair cut

After covering most of the main drag in Nueva Progreso, we headed back across the border to the good ole' USA. We stopped at the pottery store and purchased a pottery Texas boot and a large Mexican vase. We plan on placing these outdoors in our garden.

A few nights back we enjoyed another happy hour at Rick and Angie's. The happy hour turned into dinner ending with a wonderful chat around the Chimenea.


Oh no…Marsha is starting a new hobby, Swedish weaving. Her friends, Donna and Susie, enjoy this hobby, and Marsha wanted to try her hand at it. Both ladies showed her how to get started, stitch and follow a pattern. Susie gave her some fabric to practice on. Marsha is hooked. She can't wait to get back to Ohio and start her first pattern.

Susie gave Marsha a homework assignment to practice sewing a pattern. swedish weaving

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!