Friday, February 10, 2017


Friday, February 3 – We returned to Algodones this morning for our 9 a.m. dentist appointment. This is our first experience with Sani Dental Group.

Sani Dental Group

They have a great idea in the works. A hotel, shuttle from the airport, streamlined appointments, and everything from cleaning to extensive dental surgery.

Sani Dental Group

We only wanted x-rays and cleaning. Unfortunately, we had to get the complete introductory visit which included a registration process, complete 360 x-rays, a dental exam and treatment recommendation, our cleaning, and final payment process.

Each patient is given a card to keep track of the time of each visit. No one is to wait more than 40 minutes for any process.

Sani Dental Group

We both felt the x-ray, exam and cleaning were all done in a professional manner. Unfortunately, it took way too much time. We were in the office for two hours. We had to inform them we had other commitments or we would have been there longer. We felt they took cross selling very seriously and wanted us to commit to additional treatments. Cost: $39.00/each for x-rays and cleaning.

The facility is very clean and very modern.
Sani Dental Group

After our cleaning, we did a little shopping and then headed to the central patio to meet friends Janice and Jerry for lunch. We enjoyed margaritas, some tacos and a few laughs before getting in line to cross back into the United States.

The Margaritas went down very smoothly. The food was delicious.Janice, Jerry, Marsha and Paul

They really know how to make Margaritas in Mexico. This guy is constantly busy making the national drink.

Adding the Tequila to the mix.Margaritas

Finishing it off with the Orange Liqueur.

Once again the line to pass through immigration was long. It took us just under an hour to cross back into the USA.

Saturday, February 4 – It is Swap Meet Day here in Yuma, AZ. We hit three of them. Our first stop was at the Yuma Swap Meet. We remember attending this market the last time we were in Yuma and it really hasn't gotten any better. We rank this #2 of the three we attended. Paul did by a package of short bungee cords though.

Swap Meet

Seems to be a very popular item at swamp meets.
Swap Meet

One of Paul’s favorite stands…hehe.
Swap Meet

Marsha doesn’t understand how a gal buys any of these clothes when there isn’t a dressing room to try them on.
Swap Meet

Our next stop was at the Arizona Market Place. This was by far the nicest of the three. They also seem to target RV'ers with products they might be looking for. Paul's been watching for a new outdoor chair and he found a nice one at this market. He also bought some LED replacement bulbs he wanted to try. Marsha found a couple items she could use.

Swap Meet

Paul doing some “window” shopping.Swap Meet

Socks are a hot item.
Swap Meet

Our third stop was at the Yuma Indoor Market which was more like a consignment craft store and not very big to boot! Sorry to say it took last place in our swap meet survey. We were only there about five minutes. The good news was it was close to a place we've been looking to stop at........IN-N-OUT Burger! What a great place for lunch.

Swap Meet

Swap Meet

We love In-N-Out Burger.
In-N-Out burger

We met up with friends, Laura and Ray, at the Yuma Elks Lodge tonight. They are friends we met at the Houston Elks Lodge and arranged to meet tonight for a couple drinks. They are spending the winter here in Yuma. It was a great time catching up.

We are now in Ajo, AZ. We still have a few things to share about our visit in Yuma.  We will get caught up one day. Just so much to see and do here in the desert state.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!