Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tuesday, October 2 – Fall is in the air, and it's getting close to the time to head South. We finished up the trimming for this year. Hopefully, Marsha can put those pruners away.

The tree at the end of the driveway is so big, we can't get the MH backed up far enough in the driveway.
MH by tree

MH needs moved.

Someone decided this issue needed to be rectified.

Get out of that tree you old kook!
Tree in tree.

Job will done.
MH moved back.

And the pile grows.
Brush pile.

We had a fellow grind up all the limbs and brush and haul it away.

Pile gone.

We are in pretty good shape “house-wise”, and hopefully things survive the winter without any problems.

We have several family members keeping tabs on the house. We have let the neighbors know there should be no moving vans carting furniture out of the house or wild teenage parties going on....LOL

Before Marsha got the trimmers out.DSC09987

After she put them down.DSC00889

Our plans are to leave here next week and start a slow travel to Texas. We should arrive in Texas near the end of October.

Personal comment from Marsha – The other day Janice, Ready To Go Full Timing RVing, sent me an email asking if I receive her replies to my comments left on her blog? My answer was that I do not receive her replies to my comments.

After Janice asked this question, I went back to several blogs that I leave a comment on and found a few of the writers responded to my comment directly on their blog. I have never gone back to a blog I have read to see if the blogger made a response to my comment.

I have our blog set up in a way that every comment made is received via email, that way I can respond back via email. I also set it up so Paul receives the comments.

If you have left a response directly on your blog to a comment we have made, sorry to say we haven't seen it. I am interested in knowing how many people really go back to a blog they left a comment on to see if there is a response.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!