Friday, September 10, 2010


Thursday, September 9 – Paul should have known not to complain about the Louisiana highways being so bumpy.....some kind of gremlin got us again. Our refrigerator is on the blink. Called a repairman today to get his opinion on necessary repairs.

It seems every time we drive those “nice” Louisiana interstates something goes on the blink. The first time a sensor on the generator broke. The second time our air conditioner went on the fritz. Now the dreaded “no co” code on our beeping Norcold Refrigerator.......YIKES!!! It's tough and getting EXPENSIVE to be a gypsy!

Anyway, after fighting the traffic and construction around Houston, we arrived safely in Brookshire, TX at the Houston West RV Park. We will be here 10 days. The owner is a young girl named Allyson. She is very nice. The bathrooms are very clean Their is a free brunch on Saturday morning that the hostess invited us to. Paul has a six month post surgery check-up with his doctor and we will be visiting with our two daughters.

We are in site #2 but moving right next door tomorrow morning to site #1. Site 1 has a nice tree, picnic table, brick walk. We like the tree and shade for Bella.


Moving just right of where we are now.


Looking up one of the roads.


Hot tub and pool area.


2 acre fishing pond.


Friday, September 10 – We're waiting for the refrigerator repairman to call us back. If he wasn't so highly recommended, I would look elsewhere for help. I have to keep reminding myself why these small businessmen work for themselves and not for someone's because they are too darn undependable!

Well, I guess we’ve decided to replace our Norcold (or is that Nevercold) refrigerator with a residential refrigerator.  We have more research to do on the subject but it just didn’t make since to remain with Norcold after reading all the negative reports.  We’ll update this decision in a later blog.

Our daughter, Kelly, is a volleyball coach at her high school. She coaches one of the Freshman teams and assists the Varsity coach. We went to her game tonight. Even though they did not win, both teams played their hearts out.

Coach Kelly in the huddle.


Doesn’t look like a positive pose.


This one is a bit blurry but can you guess what she is thinking?


We don’t want to be on the bench when she is doing this.


Both of us coached high school kids, so we know what Kelly is going through. Maybe softball season will be a bit less stressful…NOT!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day. Hope to see y’all real soon.