Sunday, February 21, 2010


Saturday, February 13 – Woke to birds chirping in the near by trees....been awhile since I heard chirping birds. We'll have to put the bird feeders's spring in east Texas.
Got quite a few jobs done before the ole' back told me to quit. Put 2 bird feeders out, the patio mat, chairs, and end tables out and set up the grill.....steaks for Sunday. I did some adjusting of the wiper blade on the motor home and re-routed the brake warning light on the jeep for when it's being towed. Now all I have to do is wash it! That will have to wait.

Sunday, February 14 – HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  We attended First United Methodist Church here in Livingston. Our sermon was “Christianity for Dummies.” Hit home. Just hung around the MH today. Got out the grill and how some delicious steaks for dinner. We went to the Ice Cream Social and met some more nice people.

During Marsha’s walk today, she couldn’t help but take some picture of Spring. Yes, all you Ohioans. Spring is here and is on its way. Just hang in there for a few more months.
Sure sign of spring

They grow in bunches down here too.

Now we’re talking!!!



Wednesday, February 17 – I've taken the opportunity of being stuck in one place for a week to get many maintenance chores completed. I've prepared a spreadsheet of all the maintenance jobs that need to be done to the motor home on a daily, monthly, 3 or 6 month, and annually basis. I'm catching up on some of these items like oiling the basement (storage area) doors, greasing receiver inserts, checking battery water, and changing water filters. I also need to get these done before going to the doctor.....just in case he tells me I can't do these things for a while....ha ha ha!

Been doing some sitting in the sun and relaxing too. It's sure makes things wonderful when the sun is shining and warm!

We tried to connect with the people we played Mexican Train with when we were last here. They haven't been playing much this winter, so we'll have to wait until additional people arrive here in Livingston.

Thursday, February 18 – Found out I'm going to need back surgery. Called a Posterior Lumbar (L4-L5) Spondylolis Thesis Reduction and Transformation Lumbar Interbody Fusion to correct Lumbar instability stenosis in the L4-L5 vertebrae. Say that ten times...ha ha! The date hasn't been scheduled yet. I'll only be in the hospital – Texas Orthopedic Hospital – about 3 days, and then have about a 6 week rehabilitation. I went in for all the pre-opt tests today and was given a clean bill of health – so that's a GO! Also, was slapped up with plaster to make a model for a back brace that I will be required to wear for 6 weeks. Very interesting!  I should be good as new soon!

It is great to know I am having surgery at one of Top 50 Hospitals in U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Hospitals.” Out of 1,600 hospitals nationwide, Texas Orthopedic Hospital was recognized as one of only two hospitals in the state to make the Top 50 list for orthopedic procedures. I was told by several former patients, “That if you need surgery, your in the right place.” Good to know I'm in good hands!
We will have to hang around the Houston area for several months, probably at least three months, maybe as many as six....that means Texas HEAT.......Yowze! That puts a damper on our planned travels, but we'll make up for it in the future. Have to explain full-timing to the surgeon. He wants x-rays at 3, 6, and 12 months. Have to see if I can have those taken in other locations and sent to him......hmmmm? I sure hope that's possible!

 Friday, February 19 – Did additional household (motor home) chores this morning. My first item on the list was draining the hot water tank. This should be done periodically to blow sediment out of the tank. HOLY MOWLY....look at the stuff blowing out of the tank.




These tanks also have anode rods that decompose rather than having the hot water tank itself be eaten away. Look at what's left of the rod I removed......My Goodness....I doubt the previous owner ever drained the tank. On the left is the old….the right the new.What a difference!!!


I inserted a new rod, so we should be in good shape for awhile. I also removed the bike rack from the Jeep so Marsha could wash the grit off, sprayed the bikes with degreaser and cleaned and oiled them, and finally checked the batteries for proper water levels. That was all the back could handle......still need to wash the road grime off the motor home.

Went to HAPPY HOUR hosted by Joe & Kay Petersen, founders of the Escapees Club.


WOW! Are they a hoot! They have a real “road show” of entertainment. They told stories and jokes about RV life and related subjects. A very entertaining hour! They are both in their 80's and are quite healthy and active.

Since we are going to be in Livingston for a while, we will probably only update once a week. Thanks for stopping by and hope you visit again.