Monday, October 10, 2011


Saturday, October 8 – We wanted to take it easy today – a break from sightseeing – so we decided to head to Marion, SC, for their Mountain Glory Festival. It's held in downtown Marion where they close of the main street.


It had over 100 artists and crafters. food vendors, a quilt show, and a car show. There were three stages set up where Bluegrass, Gospel, and Country music performs entertained the crowds.

This gospel group was amazing! They sang barber-shop style. Marsha's dad would have loved them.


We remember buying a hobby horse for our girls when they were little. The horse is a thing of the past. Look what these kids have now. That is a cow in the background. What a hoot.


These ladies made the most original and beautiful baskets. Marsha doesn't have to worry about competition. They were weaving their baskets. The ladies said they tried pine needle baskets once and that was it…too hard and time consuming. Marsha just smiled.


We enjoyed looking at all the arts and crafts and even contributed to the local economy by purchasing a door wreath for the motor home and a walking cane. Paul is going to keep the cane in the car for use on the rare occasion when his replaced hip gives him a little trouble walking. Getting old is so wonderful!


We bought a Red Dirt Shirt…wherever we go, we will always have a part of NC with us. These 100% cotton shirts are hand washed and dyed in real North Carolina dirt! The dyeing agent is actually the iron oxide that is found in the dirt. They are really neat looking.


Of course it wouldn't be a festival or fair if you didn't sample the elephant ears. These were the biggest and best we have ever had. There was no oil for us to wipe off our hands. It was great!


We really enjoyed these small town festivals. This was one of the best we have attended.

We were home early and basked in the beautiful sunny day at the campground. Time for Marsha to work on her pine needle basket, and Paul did some MH maintenance and enjoyed his book. It was an absolute gorgeous day. The fall colors are getting pretty amazing.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our Canadian friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!