Sunday, March 30, 2014


Saturday, March 14 - We arrived in Canton, Ohio, on Friday, before noon. We had an uneventful drive across the state from our last stop in Cincinnati. Interesting that we drove diagonally across Ohio in less than 4 hours. It takes four long driving days to cross Texas....YIKES!

More of Paul’s carvings while we were in Houston.
sea captain

We spent some time getting the 5th wheel backed into it's spot. It's not exactly how Paul wants it, but it will do for awhile. He has work he wants to accomplish on the RV this summer so he'll be moving it in the near future anyway.

Rodeo Houston
Rodeo Houston

We spent the afternoon unloading some necessities, like clothes, from the trailer. Our daughter, Kelly, came over after work to help.


Paul also winterized the 5th wheel, just to be safe. If we were living in it, he didn't feel it would have been necessary. Since we are not heating it and it isn't that big of a job, he blew-out the water lines and pumped some anti-freeze in to keep the lines from freezing.

boot and catcus

Turned out to be good that Paul spent the time winterizing the RV. It was covered with SNOW Saturday night. We got about two inches of the white stuff. Nice way to welcome us to Ohio.....LOL

snow in Canton

snow in Canton

We'll survive! We realized we were arriving a little early. We just wanted to get here and parked before any bad weather hit. It's suppose to warm up into the 60's by the first of the week. April can be an “iffy” month in Ohio. Nice days followed by cold or rain. Hopefully this is the last snow we'll have to endure!

Now that we are here, Marsha will spend hours with Kelly working on the wedding. Paul will get started remodeling the kitchen. Wonder which one will be more fun?

Bella has found one of the hottest spots in the house.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!