Sunday, March 3, 2013


Saturday, March 2 – We were off early this morning for a BIG DAY touring this part of Hill Country. Our first stop was the town of Boerne (pronounce BER-nee). We visited the town back in 2010. Not much has changed since then. It is a very quaint little town. The town's first settlers were German. The name Boerne is in honor of Ludwig Börne, a German poet and publicist. Ironically, Mr. Börne never visited the town that was named after him.

We strolled main street doing some window shopping and stopped in a number of the small shops to look around. Our only purchase was a jar of pickles......yep, pickles!

quiant store


staffel store

Staffel store

This bakery has delicious treats.



A visitor can rent any of the small buildings out back for their night's stay. The church and schoolhouse both can be rented. They contain several bedrooms.


school house

Lots of interesting items can be purchased in the small town.

If only our truck were bigger.

We bought a jar of pickles from The Pickle Place last time we were here. They are delicious. We had to go back and buy another jar. They are called Fickle Pickles…sweet, crunchy, spicy…yummy!

pickle store

If you visit Hill Country, don't miss this delightful town. More of our day in tomorrow's blog.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!