Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tuesday, November 8 – Day two of Fall Cleaning continued, that summed up our day. We jumped right into cleaning, after our morning workout. Marsha was scrubbing the kitchen area, and Paul was giving the woodwork a once over with Murphy's Oil.


He also was instructed to clean the vents under the refrigerator…Her wish is my command.DSC08607

Of course, Bella wasn't about to move out of “her spot” on the sunny dashboard. That's OK, Marsha will just clean around you, Bella!


All the appliances were scrubbed, the stainless steel polished, the carpets swept,  extra good, and the tile floor scrubbed. Oh, don't forget the windows, the TV's, computer screens, and all those dashboard electronics. The inside is sparkling clean and germ free…as much as possible.

Wednesday, November 9 – A miracle occurred here in Houston…RAIN! What a storm we had. It lasted several hours but only hours after it stopped there was no sign that it even happened.


Paul took advantage of the sunny weather to get back up on the roof to add some Dicor Roof Treatment to some "iffy" areas on our fiberglass roof.  Don't want any leaks this winter.


Marsha has been diligently working on her pine needle baskets. She has one more basket to complete, and she will have all her Christmas gifts completed. She will share some pictures later. Some of the baskets are for people who follow our blog. Don't want to ruin any one's surprise.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!