Monday, February 25, 2013


Friday, February 22 – We had a “Farewell-To-Friends” dinner on Friday as Jane and Joe were going to be leaving the RGV on Sunday. We went to a wonderful barbeque restaurant – 492 BBQ.

492 BBQ

We enjoyed delicious Baby-Back Ribs, Chicken, Jalapeno Sausage, Brisket, and a variety of side dishes. Everything was fantastic.

The barbeque is done outback by a couple of guys. Man did that area smell GOOD!

Here is where the magic happens.cook house

outdoor cooking

There is an outdoor dining area where a fellow was busy painting a mural on the wall.

outdoor dining

Angie and Rick kindly picked up the tab as a thank you for work Paul and Joe did around their house here in Leisure Valley. Thank you very much! Of course, the friendship we shared was the best part! Joe and Jane and Angie and Rick will be surely missed as we prepare to head out ourselves on March 1.

our gang

Saturday, February 23 – Marsha had her “Adios Amigos” social hour(s) today. Not having a place for her guests to get out of the hot sun, Jan and Barry were kind enough to have the get together at there place.

The boys.
the guys

Marsha spent two days preparing food for the event......”enough to feed the entire neighborhood,” Paul said. Surprisingly, most everything disappeared. Paul thinks she must have given it away out the back door just to prove him wrong......again! Marsha…."I don't think so, Paul!"

The ladies.
the girls

She had Calzones, sausage stuffed peppers, rice pilaf, cinnamon pull-apart, orange-pineapple cake, lemon bars, vegetable tray, Mexican fruit tray, homemade bread, etc. The ladies all pitched in to help her. Interesting drinks were available also, like Beer Margaritas and Champagne coolers.

Everybody had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful food. It's true…It's the friends you meet along the way that make RVing such an interesting lifestyle. We'll sure miss these friends!

the gang

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.