Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sunday, October 27 – The River Hiking trail in Goliad State Park was on today's agenda. It follows the San Antonio River along the outer edge of the park. It covers about 3 miles in mostly wooded areas.

Goliad hike





Along the walk we came across a huge area of not three- but FOUR-leaf clover. We have never seen so many in one spot. This must be our lucky day


It is such a peaceful hike. Even though the tail runs along the San Antonio River, we didn't see the River all that much.

San Antonio river

We didn't see much wildlife either except HUGE grasshoppers....things are definitely bigger in Texas!


There were also numerous turkey vultures soaring in the sky and roosting in the trees. I think they knew we didn't take any water on our hike..... :-)

There is another trail called the Angel of Goliad trail. It is a 2.5 mile hike. In one direction it took us to the Angel of Goliad Statue and in the other direction to downtown Goliad.

Historical accounts refer to the "Angel of Goliad" as a lady of Mexican birth named Francisca Alavéz . She is often referred to as the wife of Captain Telesforo Alavéz who was commander of Mexican Centralista forces. On March 20, Major William P. Miller and his 75 men were captured and moved to Presidio La Bahia. The prisoners were bond so tightly it cut off circulation. They were deprived of food and water. The "Angel of Goliad" helped save the lives of many of these men. Several of the men that survived recalled that she pleaded for their lives, helped sneak out some troops at night and hid some of the men. She also tended to wounds and sending messages and provisions to those still imprisoned.

Angel of Goliad

Landing Gear Problem:  Paul has noticed the last two times we setup that the 5th wheel would not level correctly. Upon inspection, he determined the landing gear were not deploying at the same rate. One was going down twice as fast as the other. Time for closer inspection.


Oh no....now the slower jack would not store! Paul hooked-up the truck and with the help of a friendly neighbor, began chopping out the wooden block he placed under the jack when setting up. It wasn't easy, but they finally removed the block and the jack was free.



Paul dismantled the jack and was able to get it working again, but it was still deploying slower than its partner. At least it stores and we can use it enough until we can find a place to get it repaired. Anyone ever have a similar problem and know the cause?


Many of the blogs we read are containing gorgeous photos of the fall colors. In case anyone out there would like to see the fall colors in this area of Texas, here is a photo for you…..not so gorgeous.

fall leaves in TX

We really enjoyed our three days in Goliad. If you are traveling in this area, be sure to stop and enjoy this historic town.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.