Monday, June 1, 2015


Monday, June 1 – We spent a couple days recently at Kelly and Dave's house helping them with some “new home” projects. One of the things Dave wanted to accomplish was burying some downspout pipes and getting some fill dirt to improve the grade in their backyard.

Dave's a pretty resourceful guy. He spoke to a trucker he spotted in the area and was able to get 20 tons of fill dirt at an unbelievable price. Due to the weight of the truck and load, Dave had it dumped in the cul-de-sac so his driveway wouldn't get damaged. We volunteered to help move it to his backyard (YIKES, what were we thinking.)

We planned on arriving early Saturday morning making a day of it! When we pulled up to their house at 8:30 am, most of the dirt had already been moved. WOW! Did Dave and Kelly have super powers or what? No, they have a neighbor with a skid loader (Bobcat), and he was moving all that dirt for them. All we had to do was some leveling and moving some rocks. Awesome to have neighbors like that!

So what was going to be an exhausting day, turned out to be a half day of pretty simple leveling, burying a few downspout pipes, and cleaning up the street where the dirt was piled. Cool.

We surprised Kelly and Dave with four colorful outdoor chairs for their deck. It was a "House Warming" gift to them. We think they like them.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Chardon, Ohio, where they live is located in Ohio Wine Country. There are over 30 wineries in the area. A few weeks ago, we spent the night at their place. Dave's parents were up for the night too, so the six of us headed to several wineries for some tasting. We visited two wineries, DeBonne Vineyards and South River Winery, and a local distillery, Red Eagle Distillery.

 DeBonne Vineyards

They have the wine for sure.

South River Winery

Dave, Jackie, Kelly, Dave, Paul and Marsha's chair.

They make Ohio made Bourbon, Rye and Vodka.
We enjoyed several “tasters” and shared a couple bottles of wine. Luckily, one of the wineries served sandwiches which is a “must” when visiting several wineries. We then returned to Kelly and Dave's house to chat and play some cards. They have plenty of bedrooms so we took advantage of their hospitality and spent the night. It was an enjoyable evening with “the kids” and Dave's parents.

While we were visiting, we took a walk back into the woods on Kelly and Dave's property. Dave was looking way up high in the trees and discovered a nest of little critters. The first photo shows how far away we were from the tree. The second one what we discovered.

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