Friday, May 4, 2012


May 3  - We left the Boulder Elks much earlier than we had planned. The winds have been blowing big time for the last two days. Normally the mornings have been pretty calm, but about noon it picks up fast. This morning it was different. It was blowing tons fairly early, so we decided we better hit the road before it breaks loose.

The drive was uneventful and the wind wasn't too  bad. After passing Vegas, we had a pretty good climb through Spring Mountains National Forest. We had a slow decline into Pahrump.

What a gorgeous sky we had for our drive.DSC03155

These mountains are so beautiful…they look fake!DSC03154

We are staying at Pair-A-Dice Escapees Co-Op Park. We are in Site 28B. All the sites are pull though.

Yes, that small casita is part of our spot. We can use the patio and porch.front 28 b

Site 28 b

Our site is about 70 ft. long.stie 28 b back

Looking to our left.
looking to the lf.

Looking to our right.
looking to the rt

The roads and sites are all gravel. The landscaping is very nicely done. Our hostess, Laura, was very friendly and helpful. This is a very friendly park.

We will be here until at least Sunday. This is our home base for our visit to Death Valley.

Note: We tried this before, and it didn't work. We thought we would try one more time with the help from fellow blogger, Rick of Rick and Paulette's RV Travels. 

Here is the situation. We have Verizon as our Internet carrier. We are limited to 5Gs/month. Several readers have asked us to link our photos so they can click on them and they will enlarge. We use Live Writer to write and post our blogs. If we link our photo to an enlarged photo, both photos are uploaded to the Internet…thus more MBs are uploaded for each blog.

As a test to see actually how many MBs are uploaded, we are using this blog as a test. Hopefully, we have it figured out so that we are not using tons of MBs for each blog. So, knock yourself out clicking on any of the photos to see an enlarge version. Fingers crossed that this works.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all real soon. Have a great day.