Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Tuesday, September 8 - With the kids back in school, it's time to hit the road for our winter travels. We will be departing our summer home here in Canton, Ohio, after Labor Day and heading toward Augusta. GA. Paul's brother lives there and we usually like to spend several days visiting on our way south.

Karen, John, Paul, Marsha

We will then head to Florida to do a circular tour of the state. This will be our first complete RV trip to Florida. We have only been to the Amelia Island. We'll start in St. Augustine and then head down the Atlantic Coast visiting Daytona, Palm Beaches, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other places before ending up in the Keys.

We will then head back North along the Gulf Coast stopping in Fort Myers, Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Tallahassee and Pensacola. We'll be stopping at hundreds of places Marsha has mapped out along the way. As of today, she has an eight…that is 8…page itinerary. Those are just a few of the places she has planned on visiting. Yes, Paul will be exhausted. If you have any “must-see” adventures, please let us know.

From Florida, we will travel along the Gulf to Texas. We want to be in Texas by November. We always plan on Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter Carrie's place. The RV will remain in the Houston area through the Christmas holiday. We will again fly back to Ohio to spend Christmas with Kelly and Dave, Marsha's dad and the rest of the family. Carrie flies in from Houston to spend the holiday too!

Our plans after the New Years are a little unsettled at this point. Our thinking is to spend January in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. We may head to Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas in early February, weather permitting. We will then relax the remaining days of winter in the Houston area before returning North for the summer.

So, that's “The Plan” for this winter. Things could possibly change but at least that's our thinking at this point in time. Of course, we will surely cross paths with several RV friends along the way and renew old friendships. If it appears your path will mesh with ours, be sure to get in touch.

We had a new adventure just a few weeks back…a humming bird in our garage. It wouldn’t leave.

humming bird

Marsha ran to the computer to figure out how to get it out of the garage. Many articles said that the birds can’t find their way out and sometimes die of exhaustion from flying around looking for an exit. We definitely didn’t want that to happen. We did try to put a feeder close to the garage door, but it wasn’t interested. So we tried the next most popular solution…

paul with rake

Yes….a rake. The articles showed how to hold a rank close to where the bird lands. It will then land on it, and we were then to walk it slowly to the opening.

humming bird

It landed many times over the next hour and a half but didn’t remain long enough on the rank for either of us to get it to the opening.

humming bird

Finally! Success! Marsha was able to slowly walk it to the door and away it went.

humming bird

What an ordeal. But glad to report we have a happy ending to our story.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!