Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Monday, September 28 – Before heading to our next destination, we took a few hikes around the Jonathan Dickinson SP. Most of the trails are sand and sea shells. Much different than the trails out west. We recommend this park to anyone staying in the area. Everyone is so nice and there are activities for every age group.

Jonathan Dickinson SP

Jonathan Dickinson SP

Some of the roads in this area are just so lovely.

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordon both have houses here. We took at drive and found them, but you guessed it….tall hedges to protect their privacy.


Monday morning we headed South out of Hobe Sound, Florida, around 8 a.m. heading to Miami, FL. We had a stop along the way in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to meet up with an old friend, Harry,  from our teaching days. We arranged to meet him at a strip shopping center near his home. Harry was there waiting for us when we pulled in. We went out for a bite to eat and to rehash old times.

It's funny how you can go years since seeing an old friend, and in a matter of minutes it seems like it was only yesterday that you were together. We enjoyed our time with him but unfortunately, Bella, our cat, was locked in the car, and it was getting HOT outside. We checked on her several times and she was doing fine, but eventually we felt it best to call an end to the visit for her sake. It was so awesome seeing Harry again.

Harry, Marsha, the shrimp,  and Paul
harry and us

We continued on toward Miami, FL, but missed our exit and ended up in bumper to bumper traffic on a 3-lane road that was only wide enough for two lanes to travel safely. What's wrong with this city. The only way to get around is on expensive toll roads or clogged city streets.....JEESH! After traveling about three hours we arrived at Larry and Penny Thompson Park. It should have taken less than two hours to travel from Ft. Lauderdale, but we took the scenic route. We don’t recommend it!!!

Larry and Penny Thompson Park has paved streets and campsites. The campsites are in a circular configuration they call pods with 15 campsites in each pod. It does provide for more space between the sites, but unfortunately the sites aren't very deep. Paul was concerned because he could not find anywhere but the street to park the truck. The host told him to simply pull on the grass and drive over behind our 5th wheel. Well, that was a simple solution!

That little guy in the upper left-hand corner is real. Marsha
didn’t even see him until after she took the photo.
Larry and Penny Thomnpson RV Park

We have a 50 amp, full hook-up site, with shade trees and a picnic table. The bigger sites are on the outside of the each pod. There is a pool, laundry, shower rooms, and some athletic courts and fields, but we won't be using any of them. Marsha did do the laundry. She said the dryers are great! We are also permitted to wash your vehicle.

Pod 6 Site #13.
Larry and Penny Thomnpson RV Park

Larry and Penny Thomnpson RV Park

Looking right.
Larry and Penny Thomnpson RV Park

Looking left.
Larry and Penny Thomnpson RV Park

We had a little frustration on the drive in but that quickly disappears once we got set up and relaxed a little.  While out exploring, we found the correct highway for missing Miami traffic.  We'll be here at least four days.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day.