Thursday, October 21, 2010


Wednesday, October 20 – We turned back East today (about 90 miles) to Gallup, NM. There are a couple Navajo sights we want to see there. Window Rock, Canyon de Chelly, and Hubbell Trading Post.

We pulled into USA RV Park about 11:30 Mountain Time....remember, Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time so we lost an hour in a very short time....zoom! We decided on this stop at the last minute. The place we planned on stopping was another 50 miles East and too far away from the area we want to visit.

Very nice park




Nice office and store


They have cabin for rent.


Once settled in, we decided to head up to Navajo Country to see Window Rock. Window Rock is the administrative Capitol and administrative center of the Navajo Nation, getting its name from the hole in the 200 foot high sandstone hill (Window Rock) located there.


It was strange to think we were in their Nation's Capital. We started walking around the area and low and behold we heard thunder and saw lightning. So we took a few pictures and headed back to the car. This is the first rain we've been in for over a month....really can't remember the last rainy day. Even this was just a brief shower!


We followed a path in back of window rock until the lightning began.




Navajo Code Talkers were young Navajo men who transmitted secret communications on the battlefields of WWII. These modest sheepherders and farmers were able to fashion the most ingenious and successful code in military history. Serving with distinction in every major engagement of the Pacific theater from 1942-1945, their unbreakable code played a pivotal role in saving countless lives and hastening the war's end.


Since we were rained out at Window Rock, we headed down the road to Hubbell Trading Post. About five miles outside of town we notice the roads were flooded and the ground was covered with about two inches of HAIL.....holly cow! Well, that was enough of that! We decided to head home and return tomorrow.



Back at the RV, it thundered and had dark skies. It poured down rain. Crazy weather!!!

Thursday, October 21 – We intended to visit a couple sights today but the weather wasn't very cooperative. We headed out early to the Historic Hubbell Trading Post. This is the oldest, continuously operating trading post on the Navajo Nation.

Trading Post


John Lorenzo Hubbell purchased a trading post here in 1878, ten years after Navajos returned to their homeland from their terrible exile at Bosque Redondo, Ft. Sumner, New Mexico. After they returned home, traders like Hubbell supplied those new items for the Navajo.

Navajo woman weaving a rug. Marsha asked her how long it takes to complete that size rug. Her answer…5 months!


Marsha can’t believe that Paul picked up a $6669.00 blanket. What goes through his mind sometimes…baffles Marsha.


Inside the Trading Post



Lots of baskets we couldn’t afford.


Outdoor bread oven


Guest Hogan


Original supply wagon


NOT VERY IMPRESSIVE. I guess if you had the $7000 (that's right THOUSANDS) to spend on a Navajo blanket it would be worth the drive out in the middle of nowhere to go there, but.......I recommend you skip this place! I'm sure the wet and cold weather didn't help.

We hoped to visit the Canyon de Chelle, but it was too rainy and cold. Time to head for warmer areas! So we returned to the MH and planned the next day's travels.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back real soon. Have a great day!