Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Wednesday, October 22 – We made another trip to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, last Friday with Angie and Rick.

angie and rick

Paul and Rick wanted to get haircuts ($4) at what they call "The best barbershop anywhere," (They really do like the haircuts they get at Gloria's Barbershop.), Angie had an appointment at her dentist for a cleaning, and Marsha had some shopping to do.

Marsha was shopping for our daughter, Carrie. She recently moved to a new apartment and wanted some pottery to display on her shelves. Marsha had scouted out various selections on our last trip to Mexico and taken some pictures for Carrie to look at and see if it was what she was looking for. Carrie picked several vases. Marsha was picking them up today to take to Houston.

An outdoor bar located in a dentist mall.

After haircuts and shopping, we headed over to Arturo's for lunch.


We had a delicious Mexican dinner and a couple Margaritas.


Then it was upstairs in the Galleria to the Cantina to listen to the band and do some dancing. What fun!

Our welcoming committee at the Cantina.Cantina

Angie and Marsha are always out dancing and meeting new people.Angie and Marsha

Rick showing us his moves.

Attention all the ladies out there….A little unknown fact about some el baño de señoras (ladies' restrooms) in Mexico. Be sure to check the wall when you enter a restroom in Mexico. You may have to pick up the paper before you enter the stall. What a hoot!

toliet paper

Marsha got her two permanent crowns, filling and teeth cleaned Tuesday, yesterday, morning. We are all set to head for Houston, and we plan to do that Friday morning. Before we arrive in Houston, we are stopping in Goliad, Texas, for a few days.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!