Thursday, October 29, 2009


RVers are constantly saying their plans are formed in butter. Why? Because it is sooo easy to change what you planned to do. On Monday, October 26, we were on our way to Summerdale, AL to stay at the Escapee Park and see the USS Alabama. We realized we were going to end up stopping before noon, so decided to keep on moving toward Texas instead. We were kind of anxious to get to Texas and RELAX. We'll be back this way some day in the future. We'll see the Alabama then.

Below is the picture of traffic going into Atlanta on Sunday morning. How great was that!!! Next is the Might Mississippi River bridge….a bit scary!



It was time to do nothing! So on we went....all the way to the Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles, TX. Casino parking is free.....that is if you win in the casino. And win we did! I finished up $4 and Marsha was up $8. We had a lot of fun playing the nickel slots! A bit tough sleeping that night…we were parked below a bridge and next to a railroad track…but it was free.



After hitting the road the next morning, Tuesday, October 27, 2009, we arrived in Livingston, TX, the head quarters for the Escapees Club. This is where are mail forwarding service is located and were we will begin the ordeal of establishing Texas residency. WE'RE “OFFICIALLY” HOME! They make you jump through numerous hoops to establish residency. We let you know more about that wonderful experience later.



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We got all set up.....including the Direct TV satellite, and toured the campground.


Escapees Campground has beautiful facilities. They have a Clubhouse (picture 1& 2), an Activity Center (pictures 3 &4) with a hall that can seat up to 250 people, outdoor pool, two pool tables, large stage. They have a great library where you can either borrow hardback or paperback books OR exchange a book for a book. They have tons of activities each day. Some examples are line dancing…everyday, poker…almost everyday, Mexican Train….some sort of domino game, sewing/quitting groups, acoustic jam sessions, computer group, and social hours everyday at 4. It is there version of…It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. We are going to a Dine-In…Ledgions Review (Dinner and show) on Friday night. This is a country music group. They tell us there will be lots of two-stepping going on. We better get out the dance shoes and do some practicing before then. We met a super nice couple, Jennifer and Jason. We became quick friends. They are left this the downpour...driving back towards their home in New York. They will pack their belongings, move them to Jason's brother's house in North Carolina and then begin their full-time travels. They plan to begin workkamping in March. We wish you the best, Jen and Jason. We hope to me up with you in the future.





Then began our job of RELAXING. Great place to ride our bike and take walks. Paul needed to add some air before we could get on with it. Wednesday, we intended to begin the residency requirements, but seeing the weather report for a beautiful day (check out the temperature.....the thermometer was in the sun), we decided to chill out around the motor home. Marsha sun bathed all day. She was in heaven. She wants everyone back home to know that they are still selling FLOWERS down here!! And not just Mums. She is so excited to see Pansies blooming. Mowers are still on sale at Lowe’s. When we asked when do the snow blowers come out…they looked at us like we had two head. It's suppose to rain on Thursday, so we'll do some running around.



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