Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Friday, December 3 - Went out to eat with our daughters this evening to Razzoo's.



The restaurant is located on large reflecting pool.


It's a Cajun style restaurant only a few miles from where we are camped.


Paul had Alligator Tail on a bed of Jambalaya Rice and Marsha had the Cajun Sampler...... SPICEY!!! Very delicious though. We don't eat out often so it was a nice treat.....especially since Kelly paid for our dinner.....thanks Kelly!!! We had a wonderful time with our daughters at the restaurant, and afterwards they came back to the MH for a couple of hours. A nice evening!

Kelly, Marsha, Paul, Carrie


Saturday, December 4 – Woke up this morning to some “Spooky” fog.....looks like Halloween instead of the Christmas Has a lot to do with being 60 degrees here in Houston! Going to be a high of 80 degrees this afternoon..... WOW


We went to Trader Joes this morning. It's like a flea market. We weren't very impressed. Ninety percent of the booths were of little or no interest.

Too bad we just bought a new chair…these look pretty comfortable.


We thought about buying one of these for the front of the motor home.


Paul couldn’t pass an opportunity to have one of his favorite festival foods…funnel cake.

Now you see it…


Now you don’t.


We did buy one item....a gift for one of our daughters.

Lots of traffic for the drive home.


It was HOT out as we relaxed on the patio outside the MH. We did get a new neighbor......the first new RV since our arrival here two weeks ago.

We went to the sports bar this evening with Carrie's Virginia Tech gang to watch VT play Florida State for the ACC Championship. A great game and a fun time with the youngin”s.....VT played their best game of the season, easily beating Florida State. It looks like they will be playing in the Orange Bowl.

Sunday, December 5 – Now that we have had the motor home for over a year, we have decided to make some changes. We already shared that we sold one of the sofas and purchased a chair. Paul plans to build some cupboards for storage and a desk area. Marsha has decided that she doesn’t use the washer/dryer enough to haul it around. We put it up on the Escapee’s website, and it sold today. More storage space to come. This doesn’t break Marsha’s heart at all.

We actually had time to hit the Elks tonight. We met some very nice people and even learned how to play a new dice game, called something like Captain, Mate and Crew. Neither one of us can remember, but we remember it was fun.

We watched the Bowl Matchup announcements. Yep, VT will play Stanford in the Orange Bowl. Ohio State will play Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. Looks like there will be lots of good football beginning on the 18th.

Monday, December 6 and Tuesday, December 7  - Lots of running shopping and running errands. The mornings have been very chilly but by 10 the sun is out and it is very nice.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!