Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Saturday, September 18 and Sunday, September 19- Spent the weekend with the girls. We watched football most of Saturday, but we think they are trying to kill us. They talked us in to going to another country dance bar, Wild River, in Katy. The problem is…these young kids don’t go out until 10:00 p.m. Paul is usually heading to bed by then. Anyway, we went. They had mercy on us and started out at 9:30…whoopee. It was a really nice place. We surprised the girls by staying out until 12:30 a.m.

Sunday we hit the couches at Kelly’s. Everyone was a bit tired,especially the girls. Seems they stayed and closed the dance floor down…in Texas that is 3:00 a.m. Oh, to be young again. Marsha made her special spaghetti bake. We left Kelly’s about 4:00. Spent the rest of the evening getting ready to hit the road in the morning, watching football and talking to Marsha’s dad on the phone. What a great ten days we had with the girls.

Monday, September 20 – This was the first day of travel with our new residential refrigerator. When we pulled out of Houston West RV the freezer temperature was 7-degrees and the refrigerator box was 26-degrees. Upon arriving at Junction, TX 5-hours later the freezer was 26-degrees and the refrigerator box was 52-degrees. This was without running the generator. So it stayed fairly cold. We'll check it again tomorrow. We may decide to run the generator at mid-day to keep the refrigerator a little colder.

We are at South Llano River State Park in Junction, TX. This is a very nice park. We have a double wide concrete site with water and 30-amp electric.

Marsha took Bella for a walk. Bella was almost crazy wanting to get outside....ha ha!!   She spent quite a bit of time exploring the wilderness. She's been listless the last couple of days, so it was good to see her so active.




Looking up and down our road.



It has all types of hiking trails and numerous types of wild life. We seen many deer, antelopes, and all types of birds...including turkeys!





They have a couple of bird blinds that you can sit in and watch the birds in their natural habit. It was enjoyable.




We took a couple mile hike along the Llano River and is was beautiful.


There was cacti all through the brush.



South Llano River is a blue-green color. It was very calm.




This evening we were sitting out relaxing and doing some reading when Marsha whispered…look! Not ten feet away stood a mother deer and her two fawns. They were investigating our cat, Bella. The mother would snort and stamp her feet. Bella just sat there staring at them. Not really alarmed. This went on for about 30 minutes.The deer would walk away and graze for a few minutes and then return. Very fascinating!


Stamping her feet.


Mother and babies


Bella wasn’t afraid…look where she was sitting. Marsha had to move her paw to turn the page of her book.


There was a gaggle of turkeys too, but they were much more aloof. They kept their distance. You could just see them sneaking around about 100 feet away in the tall grass.

A very enjoyable stay here at South Llano River State Park. We will definitely stop here often during our trips through Texas. This could be one of our favorite campsites so far!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day. Hope to see y’all back again.