Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sunday, December 13 - I think my back is on the road to recovery. I feel much better today! On a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfect, I think I'm about a 7. Now granted, I'm taking it easy and really not doing anything, but the improvement is dramatic. I took my daily walk today. A very short one, but felt exhilarated for a guy that use to walk over 5-miles a day, it felt good to get back at it! Spent the rest of the day watching football and enjoying too many of Marsha's cookies.

Monday, December 14 – Relaxation Day! Did some future long range travel planning. Trying to decide where to go after Quartszite, AZ.. Laundry day too. Marsha is teaching me how to do the laundry.....uh, oh! She thinks I need to know this when she's in Ohio. Yeah, sure!

Went up to the social hour this evening. Met a couple from NH that just hit the road….full-timing for three days. Ironically, they are parked right behind us. There were several couples introduced that just started out. At the social, any one new to the park stands-up and introduces themselves. Kind of interesting to hear about their experiences and where they are originally from.

After cleaning up, we went out to a Mexican cantina for some Margaritas. There aren't too many places in Livingston to party.

Tuesday, December 15 – Off to Houston Cummins RV Center today. Still experiencing stalling problems with the Onan generator. Onan is built by Cummins, so I'm hoping they can diagnose the problems correctly and repair it.

WOW....that was an A+ repair facility. They figured out the problem, a broken temperature sensor, in no time and had us on the road soon after lunch. A little lighter in the wallet but it's our house and has to be kept up! Hopefully, the repairs will level off once we catch-up on what the previous owner may have avoided. Well, we're ready for Quartszite! I hope!!!



Went out and looked at Christmas lights tonight. Boy, I'll tell you what, for a small town of just over 5,000 people, Livingston, TX, sure spends the money on lighting up down town. They have lights all over downtown, plus two parks have drive threw lighting displays. We also took a few pictures in the campground. It's surprising the number of RV's that are decorated or have light displays. Neat! Marsha loves this kind of stuff! Note from Marsha: The pictures just don’t do justice to how beautiful these lights really are. Due to our little digital camera, many pictures did not turn out:(  The County Courthouse is located downtown. On top of the building is a beautiful star….not shown in picture below, and along one side is a huge lit American flag.


faming-star star