Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tuesday, September 25 – We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy getting moved into our house. With painting, yard work, and furniture shopping it doesn't leave much time for pleasurable outings.

This huge, past-its-prime bush is history.big bush

Marsha is thrilled to get hands back doing yard work. Yes, she is strange.
trimming tree

Results of just under an hour of trimming and removing yard debris.
yard waste

There will be many more similar photos like the one above this next spring.

We haven't sold the motor home yet, but have had several people come to see it and several more wanting to see it as we head South. So there is some hope. As we've said, we still plan on traveling as Snowbirds between Ohio and the northern states during the summer and Texas and the southwest during the winter. We have been looking for 5th wheel trailers to use for future travels.

If you are interested in seeing the MH inside and out, please click here.

Our plans are to leave Ohio by mid-October. We will be traveling to Augusta, GA, to visit Paul's brother for about a week. From there we will slowly work our way toward Houston, TX. We want to stop in either Foley, AL, or Bay St. Louis, MS, to enjoy a week or so at the Gulf shores.

Not sure where we'll spend the winter. Much depends on when we sell the motor home. Most likely, we'll hang around Texas until the motor home sells so shopping for a 5th wheel will be a little easier. It seems like we see a lot of RV's for sale in Texas.

Besides working around the house, we have made time to spend with good friends and family.

Sharon, Randy, Rick (Marsha's brother), Chris (sister-in-law), Marsha, Paul

Dave, Kelly, Marsha, PaulDSC00750

We have been enjoying watching Bella react to the move. She spends a ton of time each day exploring and reexaming her surroundings.

Bella picks a safe place to watch us paint.DSC00859

After all the painting, she needed a little rest in the sun.DSC00892

Must have been another big day of exploring.DSC00893

She needed to try out the new comforter. Wonder if she will have to try it out again once the bed skirt gets on.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.