Thursday, April 25, 2013


Week of April 22 – Since we arrived back in Canton, Ohio, last Monday, the weather has been fantastic. But, all good things must come to an end.

It is way too early to think that the white stuff is a thing of the past. Monday morning proved this to be true. YUCK!

snow in Ohio 

Bella is trying to tell us it is cold by warming herself on our DVR.
Bella on DVR

Paul's been keeping himself fairly busy around the house and keeping himself out of trouble. One of the priorities is to remodel the bathroom, so he got started on that project.

In order to get started on the bathroom, he had to first move the washer and dryer. They were the stackable type located in a linen closet off the bathroom.

washer dryer

They were just too small and inefficient for Marsha, so we purchased replacements off Craigslist and installed them in the basement. Of course that meant putting in necessary plumbing and electrical hookups.

The gentleman we bought the washer and dryer from delivered them and helped Paul carry them to the basement.
new washer

Paul installing the 20 amp breaker for the dryer.20 amp breaker

Once that was completed Paul was able to start destruction of the bathroom. He tore out a bathroom storage closet, the previously mentioned linen closet, and tons of old plaster and drywall. Boy, what a mess!

Before destruction

closet in bathroom

Washer and dryer are history.
w/d closet

Bathroom closet…gone. Hall closet…gone.
closets gone

Sight from the hallway looking through where the two closets used to be. Now what?empty closets

Next on the list is removing the handicap shower. Many friends think we're nuts to remove this walk-in shower, but Marsha sure misses soaking in a tub, so out it goes! We'll hope to keep fit and active so the handicap shower won't be missed.


Question for all you animal lovers out there. Does your dog/cat/fish/snake whatever snore? Bella is the loudest snorer ever or loudest deep breather. She is so loud sometimes we just sit and laugh.

One of her sleeping positions for snoring.bella sleeping

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Friday, April 19, 2013


Friday, April 19 – We left Georgia early Sunday morning. We drove to Ripley, WV. Anyone that travels I-77 from the South knows there are very few convenient campgrounds along that route. We spent the night at the Walmart in Ripley. It is a very easy on and off location.

We arrived at our new home around 10:30 on Monday morning.

Ohio sign

Very different from Texas.
Ohio landscape

We've been “busy little Weavers” our first week back at our home base in Canton, Ohio. Marsha made 32 trips (she made tic marks each time she came in the house) moving things from the trailer to the house and reorganizing her closets and kitchen cabinets. Why do women like to reorganize storage areas???

While Marsha was moving stuff into the house, she yelled, "Paul come here." Of course Paul thought the house was on fire. She said, "Look!" For those who regularly read our blog, you know very well what Marsha wanted to do first in the kitchen. Get rid of that paper!

new house

Here is what all the yelling was about.


She found out that Kelly and Dave came over last weekend and tore it all off as a welcome-home gift. Thanks so much kids. She loves it without that paper. Now the painting begins. Not Paul's favorite job to do.

Paul has started on his l-o-n-g list of jobs to do this summer around the house. His first undertaking was backing the 5th wheel into the narrow driveway from a narrow street. This is on the list of “prime” jobs to take care of.....widening the driveway apron to the street.

He then dove into some of the much need yard work. The first mowing was done, leaves cleaned up, bamboo grasses cut down, and over-grown brush along the entire rear property line was cut and will be hauled to the recycle center.

Paul mowing yard

paul trimming

Just about done.

We like trees, but this one was so over grown and awful looking, it had to go.

paul cutting tree

We are also looking into bathroom renovation. The price for having this done by bathroom renovators was way expensive. Paul has done considerable construction projects and will tackle this himself. So much for enjoying the easy life of retirement.

Bella has certainly enjoyed lounging around outdoors. Fortunately, the weather has been wonderful, although a cold front is expected to blow through this weekend bringing rain and colder temperatures.


Marsha wants everyone to know that she is working her buns off. Since she is the photographer, Paul appears in most of the pictures working his tail off. Guess he needs to pause and take some Marsha “working” photos.

Now that we are in our "summer" home, we won't be posting quite so often. We will still be reading our regular blogs but only will post when we have something to share with family and friends.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Friday, April 12 – After spending the entire day enjoying the Masters, it was time to party!!! Paul's brother has a Masters party every year inviting about 50 family members, friends, and business associates. John (Paul's brother) and Ryan (his son) are in charge of the menu.

Prep time…John and Ryan.
prep time for masters

Flower arranging by Penny and Karen.
prep time for masters

This years specialty is Prime Rib, grilled veggie's, potatoes, and grilled chicken kabobs. Of course adult beverages are available to hydrate oneself after spending a day on the golf course.


The yard is ready for the party.yard ready

Beverage tables.

We had a wonderful time meeting and talking with this group of friendly southerners. Marsha spent quite a bit of time talking to a couple from Italy. Her grandparents were from Italy and that's one of Marsha's most favorite places to visit.

marsha, frank and wife

It seems like there always has to be a "girls" photo. girls photo

Paul, Carol and John
Paul Carol and John

We had a such a great time that before we knew it the clock struck 2:30 a.m. WOW! Staying up with the young adults is tough. Sure glad we're staying around the house on Saturday rather than going to the Masters. John, Karen and another couple are going to watch the golf. We'll hang around the house, relax and do some cleaning up of things from last night's party.

We hit the road for Ohio early Sunday morning. It's taking us two days to drive there from Augusta, GA.

Thanks so much John and Karen for a fabulous two weeks. You can bet that we will be back.

John and Karen

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Friday, April 12, 2013


Saturday, April 12 – We had a fascinating morning at the Masters Golf Tournament. We arrived shortly after 7 am to get in position on the first tee to see the Greats (Jack Nicholas, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player) open the tournament as the Honorary Starters.

We were in good position to see them walk to the first tee as they passed only a few feet away from where we stood but could only see the top of their swing as they teed off. The crowd forced us to a position 50 or 60 feet down the line from the tee box.

honoary starter

After the opening, we carried our chairs over to the second green to secure a spot so we could watch the players as they played through. We left the chairs there to hold our spot and walked around the back nine of this famous course to see some of the amazing sights.


The grass was unbelievable. fairways, tee boxes, and greens appeared in perfect condition. We would swear it was artificial turf. Not a weed in sight or a bare spot to be seen. This course is in amazing condition. Then there are the Azaleas that are in full bloom and the dogwoods adding a touch to the beauty.


amen corner

We were free to walk most anywhere on the course. We did not have to stay in spectator galleries. We did observe rules of golf etiquette…no electronic devices, no cameras, no loud talking, or no running. Oh, and no chairs with arms. As a matter of fact, 98% of the chairs on the course (and there with thousands of them) were Master Golf Tournament chairs sold only in the Pro Shop.

Speaking of the Pro Shop, that's a not-to-miss stop! Master souvenirs (actually anything with the Master Logo or wording) can ONLY be purchased in the Pro Shop. It's huge. Most of the prices are very reasonable. Golf caps $22-24, golf towels $10, Masters golf balls $12, T-shirts $22, but the beautiful golf shirts with the Masters Logo were a little more expensive at $75-400. A supply and demand issue for sure.

pro shop

The concession stand is another surprise. Get a load of these prices: coke $1.50; beer $3; sandwiches $1.50-3.00; and coffee $1.50. CHEAP! The tradition is to NOT gouge those attending the Masters. Pretty nice tradition, I would say.



After walking around the course for over an hour, we returned to our chairs at the second green and watched players as they played through. Tom Watson, Jim Furyk, Lee Westwood, Mike Weir, Brandt Snedekeer, Jose Olazabla, Bubba Watson (last year's winner), and Tiger Woods were a few of the many players we saw before time came to leave.

Lee Westwood

Have to mention the airport. There are two airports in Augusta, GA, and both look like proverbial parking lots for private jets. Literally 100's of them parked all over the place. Makes arriving in town as an RVer a little funny. Can you imagine FLYING around taking in golf tournaments and other “high roller” events.


We had to hand-off our tickets to the next group of family members that were attending the tournament this afternoon. We had a wonderful time and would certainly go again. Thanks to Paul's brother for sharing his tickets with us. A memorable experience for sure!

Paul was fortunate enough to go back to the Masters ALL DAY Saturday.  What a great day.  He again found a place at the #2 green and watched every player play through.  Awesome!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Wednesday, April 10  - We are back in Augusta, GA, getting ready to attend the Masters Golf Tournament. Paul's brother has attended for nearly 30 years and is going to share his tickets with us on Thursday morning. What a great adventure! We are not golfers but we are sports enthusiasts so we watch the PGA frequently. It's also great to hear are friends that are avid golfers go crazy that we get to attend the Masters.

masters info

The Masters have very strict rules about what you can take into the golf course. Unfortunately, no cameras, no cell phones, or other electronic devices. Lots of other rules too. If you get caught breaking any of the rules, your credentials (tickets) are confiscated and you are barred from the Masters FOR LIFE! Paul doesn't think his brother would like us to try smuggling a camera on the course.

Click on any picture to enlarge it. masters rules

Paul checked on possible tours of the Augusta Nationals Golf Club. Everyone he talked to simply laughed. Even professional golfers have to win a qualifying tournament to get on the course. It is VERY strictly – MEMBERS ONLY! The place is surrounded by a high fence and you can't even see onto the course or see the clubhouse.

Our tickets.

All photos must be courtesy of the Internet. Remember, no cameras allowed.


If you want to attend the Masters and take pictures, you can get in the ticket lottery for practice round tickets. Pictures are permitted during the practice rounds. Unfortunately, since Paul's brother has regular annual tickets, he is not permitted to get practice round tickets.

Amen Corner
amen corner

We also have a Masters Party to attend at John's home on Friday evening. He has a wonderful party every year for 50-60 of his closest friends and business acquaintances. That should be another fun time for sure.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Tuesday, April 9 – We would like to thank all of you who sent a email or left a comment sending us your prayers and best wishes for Marsha's dad. His hernia surgery lasted a little over an hour and a half. He did super. The doctor gave him a pain med pump which will be removed after 24 hours. The surgery was a success and he is on his way to a full recovery! He got to go home and as of 6:30 this evening was sleeping soundly in his own bed. Thanks again. The Power of Prayer can't be beat!

Today is our last day at John's place on Amelia Island. We had a wonderful time and will certainly be back!

We did a little shopping in downtown Fernandina Beach. It is the "downtown" area of Amelia Island. Here is just a few sights that we saw along our walk.

Lesesne House

Lesesne House


Didn't see any.
manatee area



We had a great time at the beach, pool, sightseeing, etc. Thanks so much, John, for loaning us your house for a wonderful few days.

us at beach

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