Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tuesday, November 29 – Yes it does get cold here in Houston. Look…


Even though it does read 34.6 at 7:00 a.m., by 10 it is up to 60. The last few days the mornings have been down right cold, but the days are sunny and warm. Got to love this weather!

Sometimes we just can't pass up a "You got to be kidding' me!" moment. What you don't see is four rusty water heaters in the front of this mess. Can you tell where this guy is headed?


Thank you to all who wished us well with Bella. Well finally, after almost 30 hours of not eating, she broke down and inhaled her food. We are so happy. We put the medicine on her afternoon food. She lets it sit there until she finally can't stand the hungry pains and eats it around 6. Since she isn't eating as much, we now only feed her twice a day.


It is that time of the year again. Marsha loves decorating. With limited space, she does her best to bring the Christmas spirit into the motorhome.



Paul, Kelly, Carrie, Marshastocking

Yes, she also decorates the outside…sort of.


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Monday, November 28, 2011


Sunday, November 27 – We noticed last Tuesday a hunk of Bella's hair on the chair. We had no idea how it got there. Just a short time later, Marsha saw Bella biting her backside and pulling the hair out. She tried to stop her but Bella was determined to bite herself. We put Hartline Flea meds on her each month and couldn't believe she had fleas. We decided to run to the store and grab a flea collar and flea powder. Come Friday, we noticed she had more hair missing and almost two bald spots on her backside. Time to get aggressive.

Paul asked a couple who live her to recommend a Veterinarian. They HIGHLY recommend Cambridge Post Oak Animal Clinic and Dr. Jacob. Paul called, and they got us in first thing on Saturday morning. We loaded up the little girl in the car. She isn't quiet sure what it going on.




Dr. Jacob and his assistant were WONDERFU! He did all the necessary steps to eliminate certain problems.


Now Bella wasn't too excited about this part of the exam. She was very touchy!


The Doctor showed us how dry her skin is and how flaky it is. No fleas found anywhere.


He said he believes she has some sort of allergy, and it is giving her very dry skin. He gave her and injection and an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement called Aller G-3 to put on her food once a day. We were so happy with the service. They were both very professional and wonderful to Bella.

Now that we are home, it looks like someone is hungry.


Well, the good news is the injection did the job. She is no longer biting herself, BUT she won't eat the food. We put only 1/2 squirt on the food, but she smells it and walks away. We just add some new food to the old and are waiting for her to get hungry enough to eat. She hasn't touched the food since lunch yesterday. Any one have this same problem with your pet? How did you get them to eat the food? The Vet said it would take a few weeks for the supplement to show a much shinier coat.

Today is Virginia Tech's last regular football game against arch rival Virginia. The football watch party was held at Sawyer's Sports Bar. We had front seats for the big screen TV. Here is just part of the crew ready to cheer VT onto VICTORY!


VT gets on the scoreboard first. 7-0.


YEA! Another touchdown. 14-0


VT went on to scores three more touchdowns and a field goal to win 38-0. VT won their division of the ACC. They now will play Clemson next Saturday night for the ACC Championship.

Thanks for inviting us, Carrie. We had a super time.


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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Saturday, November 26 – Another wonderful, fun-filled Thanksgiving. While Carrie and Marsha were hard at work in the kitchen, the boys played Corn Hole in the driveway. This is Carrie's one roommate, Nick, and Paul, showing off his great tossing form. After both teams had to go back to 11 seven different times, Paul's team finally hit 21 on the nose.


Is this considered "too many cooks in the kitchen?"


We actually had two turkeys this year. The first one was smoked…we won't go into the why Carrie had to run out an buy another turkey…on Thanksgiving morning at that. Let's just say it had to do with the smoker, a little grease flame-up and very dry grass. Although most of the turkey could be saved (only lost the wings), it was VERY YUMMMMMY!  Darn near burned the house down too….YIKES!!!  This was a smoker, outside, – not a deep fryer!

Carrie cooked the second turkey the traditional way. She does not put the stuffing in her bird, but does put lots of yummy vegetables in to give it a delicious taste.


Here is our hostess waiting for her guests.


Everyone brought awesome food, drinks and laughter to the Thanksgiving table.


What a wonderful group of young adults. We play the role of their mom and dad each Thanksgiving.


It is a tradition that Nick and Paul serve on the dish-washing crew.


Hope your Thanksgiving was a delightful as our was.

On Saturday, Carrie and Marsha did their marathon cookie baking. They started at 10 and finished at 3. They worked nonstop baking such favorite cookies as Chocolate Chip, cut-outs, Magic Bars, Funfetti, etc. Paul's favorite is the Ruglach. We made three batches of these.


Paul asks, "How can I help?" In unison, Carrie and Marsha respond, "Wash the dishes." Our wish is his command. Look how happy he is to help out!


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Thursday, November 24, 2011




Thursday, November 24 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! – We have so much to be thankful for this year. We have been so Blessed with a wonderful family, great health and the ability to travel.

Our wish is that you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tuesday, November 22 – We spent most of our weekend with our daughter, Carrie. We did some outlet mall shopping on Saturday and watched a ton of great college football games. On Sunday, Carrie came down and watched the Cleveland Browns WIN. 

We do most of our shopping in an area known as Missouri City. It is a newer area of Houston with every store imaginable. When driving there, we pass a walking park, Mosley Park. This 3.08-acre park is on the sloping banks of Oyster Creek. The park includes picnic facilities and parking surrounded by glorious pecan trees for a picture perfect setting. This trail is a head location for the Oyster Creek Jogging Trail. There is parking available, as well as an excellent opportunity for fishing.






The region’s first Edible Arbor Trail is located in Mosley Park. It features groves of newly planted hardy trees and shrubs that will produce edible fruits and nuts. The unique environmental project includes educational signage detailing tree facts and displaying sponsor logos. Ultimately, it will give visitors a chance to experience and taste nature.The Trail was just dedicated on November 10.










This was a new one on us…Mexican Persimmon.18-perimmon

Well, it seems me made a huge mistake in our last blog. Thank you to all who just ignored our ignorance and read on. BUT, our daughter, Carrie who lives in Houston, caught the mistake. We both can't believe that we didn't catch it. What was the mistake you ask? When we showed the picture of the traffic, we miss labeled the outer loop as I-610. It is really the Sam Houston Toll Road. That makes the inner loop I-610. So sorry for leading you astray!


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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Friday, November 18 - Sure glad we are heading South on 59 and not North into Houston. We witness this scene every morning as we head down 59 to workout at Anytime Fitness. These poor commuters are still about 15 miles from the city just creeping along and frequently stopped in traffic. Each side of the highway is SIX lanes wide. Just crazy!

We get a kick out of watching the morning traffic report. Almost every morning there are extreme delays. We are talking up to a TWO hour delay getting into Houston.



Here are two maps showing the traffic this morning. This one shows all the real-time accidents. The big green circle is I-610. The inner circle is I-10. It is only 6:30 in the morning. Rush hour goes on until 9:30 a.m.

Same time of the morning but this one also shows road work. Put those minus signs (accidents) + the road work signs = A MESS. Actually this morning was rather quiet.

Marsha can publish one of her Christmas gifts. This pine needle cracker basket is for someone who does not read the blog, because she DOESN'T have a computer….what? (I thought everyone had a computer of some sort.) This is Marsha's first attempt to put handles on a basket. Those are walnut slices in the handles. She did not use her nice new long needles. If you look closely, you can see on the rear-side, at the very top the gold "special" pine needle that she got from the sapling that went to the moon. She is pretty happy with her final product.




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