Monday, November 19, 2012


Monday, November 19 – After spending a week in the Rio Grande Valley (Leisure Valley Ranch in Mission, TX), we returned to Houston today to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with daughter, Carrie.

The Houston Elks campground is packed! We are parked on one of the end gravel sites. There are 8 FHU concrete pad sites and 2 FHU gravel sites.

We had a long but trouble free drive up from the Valley. It is 435 miles and takes about 6.5 hours to make the trip. The weather is surprisingly, much nicer here than down south. It was cloudy most of the time there, but we found sunny skies and hot temps here in Houston.

Not any statistics we wanted to see.
drug seizures

We had a good time during our week stay in the RGV. Busy, busy, busy. Our main objective was to surprise Angie and Rick for their 40th Anniversary party and surprise them we did! It was a fun party, and we enjoyed getting together with many old friends.

Angie had a "thank-you" and "good bye" happy hour all rolled into one. The happy hour went on for hours. What a wonderful spread of food and drink. Thanks you two for another wonderful time in the RGV.

Anniversary girls, Angie and Marie.
Angie and Marie

We celebrated Susie and Leah's birthday also.Susie and Leah

The "boys' had a great time visiting too.Paul, Jay, Chuck

We will be returning to the RGV after the Christmas holiday for a two-month stay. We had considered Florida for this winter but decided we preferred being a little closer to Carrie. We hope to see her frequently the next couple months and again in March before heading North.

Paul has several “housekeeping” chores he wants to perform on the 5th wheel while here. He also plans on picking up materials for additional projects to be completed once we return to the RGV. One thing about Houston – if they make it, you can find it and buy it here!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!