Thursday, September 19, 2013


Wednesday, September 18 – We decided to forego the always crowded Delicate Arch Trail (We saw the Arch from the viewing area.) and instead travel East again on Rt. 128 three miles to the Morning Glory Canyon Trail.

This trail is 4.6 miles round trip with a 347 foot elevation change…very minor compared to yesterday's hike.  The canyon itself is beautiful with Navajo sandstone walls, a clear stream, and lush vegetation including cottonwoods and gambel oaks.

green path

canyon walls

The trail begins with scrambling over some large rocks, briefly crosses slickrock and soon becomes a sandy path following the creek upstream.

up the rocks


tight squeeze

We crossed the creek ten times (each way). Stepping stones in the water help keep our feet dry, but with all the rain we've been having (3.5 inches since we've been in Moab), there's no way of hiking this trail without getting your feet wet. The goal is to not slip while crossing the stream and get a good soaking.

marsha crossing stream

paul crossing stream

No rocks here to help with the crossing. Our boots got

The primary feature of this trail is the Morning Glory Natural Bridge, the sixth longest rock span in the U.S. It is 243 feet long and 15 feet from the cliff wall. It is not actually a natural bridge, but is instead a very large alcove arch.

Morning Glory Natural Bridge
Morning Glory Natural Bridge

Morning Glory Natural Bridge

We stood directly underneath the span which was 75 feet above us.

Morning Glory Natural Bridge

We really enjoyed this hike. What an exciting change in scenery to be hiking along a stream. There are a few challenges but nothing too difficult. The trail ending at the bridge is awesome and a serene place to relax, have a snack, and recharge our batteries for the hike back down the canyon. Like many of the hikes, the return portion seems easier. We completed the 4.6 mile round trip in less than 4 hours.

Desert Evening Primrose

These boots were made for hiking.

Here is what was following us back to our campground.  Looks like fun!

little cars

We will be leaving Moab tomorrow (Friday) for Mexican Hat, Utah. We have one more blog to do about Moab. A few more arches you should not miss.

You may be wondering what little Bella is doing while we are enjoying Moab. Here are her two favorite activities.



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