Thursday, December 29, 2011


Thursday, December 29 – Just a short blog to tell all our family and friends that Marsha arrived at Bush Airport 20 minutes early…WHAT…EARLY? Her plane touched down at 12:10 a.m. this morning. We gathered her luggage, drove home and talked for a short time. She was all wound up, but Paul was ready to hit the sack.  Paul said…we can talk all you want tomorrow. Marsha…that will never happen!

A bit about Marsha's doctor appointment on Tuesday. The doctor was on vacation so she saw the nurse practitioner. Marsha said she was very nice. The NP looked at the stiches but told Marsha they all must dissolve on their own. She did help a couple along by cutting the knots off of them. Marsha expressed that she was very happy with her left eye and how much more open it is. What a difference it has made in her sight, but she was concerned about all the swelling in the right one. The NP assured Marsha that it may take up to THREE MONTHS before all the swelling is gone. The NP's only concern was the amount of swelling still below both eyes. She said the amount Marsha had was more than normal. She would discuss it with the doctor when he called in the morning. She explained that doctor would do one of three things…
1. Do nothing…but that was unlikely to happen.
2. Prescribe a diuretic…Marsha explained that she can never take those because she was only born with one kidney.
3. Prescribe a Medrol Pak…Marsha explained that she can only take a short term dosage…again due to her kidney.

The doctor did prescribe the Medrol Pak. She began them today. She should see results by tomorrow afternoon. She…of course…can not wait.

Her only restrictions for the next four weeks are no strenuous exercise, running or other activity. She can work out at a low-key level…no sit-ups, crunches are any head up and down activities. She is not to use any lotion or creams around her eyes. She said she can live with these.

Thursday evening picture.

We are off tomorrow morning for Mission, TX, our home base for the next two months. We spent last winter here and really enjoyed all the friends we made. We are looking forward to the warm weather, all the super activities, and seeing our friends again.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!