Thursday, April 25, 2013


Week of April 22 – Since we arrived back in Canton, Ohio, last Monday, the weather has been fantastic. But, all good things must come to an end.

It is way too early to think that the white stuff is a thing of the past. Monday morning proved this to be true. YUCK!

snow in Ohio 

Bella is trying to tell us it is cold by warming herself on our DVR.
Bella on DVR

Paul's been keeping himself fairly busy around the house and keeping himself out of trouble. One of the priorities is to remodel the bathroom, so he got started on that project.

In order to get started on the bathroom, he had to first move the washer and dryer. They were the stackable type located in a linen closet off the bathroom.

washer dryer

They were just too small and inefficient for Marsha, so we purchased replacements off Craigslist and installed them in the basement. Of course that meant putting in necessary plumbing and electrical hookups.

The gentleman we bought the washer and dryer from delivered them and helped Paul carry them to the basement.
new washer

Paul installing the 20 amp breaker for the dryer.20 amp breaker

Once that was completed Paul was able to start destruction of the bathroom. He tore out a bathroom storage closet, the previously mentioned linen closet, and tons of old plaster and drywall. Boy, what a mess!

Before destruction

closet in bathroom

Washer and dryer are history.
w/d closet

Bathroom closet…gone. Hall closet…gone.
closets gone

Sight from the hallway looking through where the two closets used to be. Now what?empty closets

Next on the list is removing the handicap shower. Many friends think we're nuts to remove this walk-in shower, but Marsha sure misses soaking in a tub, so out it goes! We'll hope to keep fit and active so the handicap shower won't be missed.


Question for all you animal lovers out there. Does your dog/cat/fish/snake whatever snore? Bella is the loudest snorer ever or loudest deep breather. She is so loud sometimes we just sit and laugh.

One of her sleeping positions for snoring.bella sleeping

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!