Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Friday, November 13 – Every so often we will share with you a little Texas humor. Our heading is the first of many to come.

We had an 8:00 a.m. appointment to have the local RV shop take a look at the tie-rod grease boots. I knew these may need replaced so I wanted to get their opinion. This way, if parts are needed they can order them and have them here when we get back from Dallas/Ft.Worth. Yep! Need grease boots on the front end. There's a Freightliner/Motor Home Service Center in Dallas. We'll stop there for a second opinion.

Met at Kelly's place. Carrie arrived around 7:00 p.m. We enjoyed each other's company till about 10:00. We are staying at the A-OK South RV Park. It is really nothing more than a big parking lot. It works for us since all we will do is sleep here. We will be with the girls at Kelly’s most of the time.

Saturday, November 14 – Spent the day with Kelly and Carrie. K. C. and Scott came over to the campground first to see our new home. They were amazed how much room we had with the four slides out. It is really surprising! Then we had a great tour of Tyler, TX with our driver Kelly. This included the Tyler Rose Garden. The Tyler Rose Garden began construction in 1939, and the first roses were planted in 1952. An amazing display of roses. Even in November, many, many were still blooming. The Texas Rose Festival is held the third week of October. We hope to be in Tyler the last Sunday in April for their big “Rose Sunday Celebration and Kick-Off for the Rose Season.” The Tyler Municipal Rose Garden is a 14-acre park, making it the nation's largest rose garden. We took in a Wood Carver's show at the garden also. They were having their holiday craft show at the Rose Museum Center. Since they don’t get snow, they created their own snow. The bottom right picture shows kids going down a ramp of man-made snow. What a hoot!! Read more about the Tyler Rose Garden.


Then did some quick grocery shopping and headed back to Kelly's place to watch some college football. After the game we had dinner and then all played a game of Mexican Train – the new domino game we learned at the Escapee Park.

See some more pictures of the Rose Center.

Sunday, November 15 – We are attending church at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler that Scott, Kelly significant other, attends. Pastor Jerry Calaway is in charge of the Praise &Worship Ministry. WOW, what a voice. The Celebration Choir was wonderful. Senior Pastor, Robert Carter, gave a powerful sermon on “Principals of Stewardship.” They include Sermon Notes with blanks to fill in. Marsha observed just about everyone filling in the blanks. They are a very active congregation. Everyone was very friendly. Paul and I felt very welcomed. It is a beautiful church. We attended the 8:30 a.m. service so we can drive up to Dallas today for our next stop at Hickory Hills Corp of Engineering campground. Scott attends the late service.


Now this is a campground!!! Beautiful sites with privacy between HUGE camp sites. We can even have a campfire. There are hiking trails and a huge lake .....AND....only 30 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth. Awesome! An additional benefit is we can pick up TV on the satellite and have great cell and INTERNET service. Bella (our cat) definitely approves.....she can't wait to explore (on a leash of course). Pictures to come on next update. Thanks for checking us out.