Monday, December 13, 2010


Friday, December 10 – We've settled in here at the Houston Elks (actually in Stafford). We are busy with normal day-to-day activities.....going to the grocery store, shopping for Christmas, completing some maintenance projects, doing laundry,

Does it look like we need to do some laundry?


and so on...

Each morning the sun shines through our front window. We think this is Bella’s favorite time of the day. Can you guess why?


We visited with the folks at the Elks Club this evening for a few Christmas “cheers”. Tomorrow night is their annual Christmas dinner/party. We may attend if we return early enough from Kelly's house.

Saturday, December 11 - Love this Houston weather. High today in the 80's.......AWESOME!

Did some additional hanging around the MH today. Paul did purchase a computer table/desk to tryout in the MH. Thinks he found the type of desk he liked, but returned this purchase with intentions of finding one that matches our interior.

Have to postpone our trip to Kelly’s until tomorrow. Carrie had her “Second Annual Extravaganza” party. As we understand, it went rather late and someone had to get some additional rest time…LOL.                            

Sunday, December 12 - Heading to Katy (suburb west of Houston) today to do some shopping with our daughter, Kelly. We did quite a bit of running around.....think we're done shopping for this year. I must say....compared to a couple weeks ago, the stores and malls were PACKED! I sure hope that spells some economic relief to so many unfortunate Americans. We're did our part today.....we came home with a trunk full of packages!

One of the streets in Katy…so pretty.


They are actually replacing sod on some of the mediums in the center of the highway. It is DECEMBER. Canton, Ohio has SNOW, WIND CHILLS OF ZERO…what the heck! Gotta love this weather.


One of our stops was to see the Giant Playmate Igloo Cooler. It is located in Brookshire, TX. We stayed there on our last trip to Houston and didn’t even know it existed. It is the guard house at the Igloo Products Corporation on I-10 W.



After shopping, we stopped back at Kelly's place to visit for awhile and see the pictures of Carrie's Christmas party. Everyone either dresses up or wears a tackeeeeee Christmas attire. Of course, the girls always dress up. We didn’t go but Kelly was kind enough to share her picture with us. Looks like the youngin's had a great time Friday night celebrating the Christmas Season.

                             Carrie                Kelly


After visiting at Kelly's apartment we headed home for an evening of relaxation.

One of the things we did recently was have our first year of blog posts published in book form. We had Blog2print do the job. We had so many posts that we had to have it done in two volumes. We also had to break all the links to Picasa Web Album on line. We actually had to copy all our posts and put them in a new temporary blog and do the revisions. We had the books shipped to Kelly's house and picked them up while we were there. They really turned out nice!

Front Cover


Back Cover


Unfortunately, one of the volumes was damaged in shipping. It appeared like a sharp object, like a nail, pierced the box and the front cover along with about 50 pages of Volume I.




Marsha emailed the company this evening, telling them what had happened and included pictures of the damage. They got back to us immediately with a pledge to ship us a new book – at NO COST! We also received an email from the production department that it was processing the book immediately. Now how's that for service. Not only are we pleased with the appearance of the books, but this company stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun with service after the sale! Our hats off to Blog2print.

  Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back real soon. Have a great day!