Monday, August 24, 2015


Saturday, August 22 - Marsha loves to have a party! One of the things she likes to do is purchase wines from the different areas we travel and then have a group of family and friends over for a wine tasting party. This was our 4th year with fourteen different wines to taste. Wines from California, Arizona and Michigan were on the table this year.

Kelly and Dave act as the host and hostess.kelly and dave

Our son-in-law, Dave, acts as the wine sommelier, and did a wonderful job again this year. He hams it up pretty good giving a prompt description of the wine, what foods it is best served with, and what hidden tastes to look for during the tasting. We have a feeling he has some “wine country” in his genes.


The panel of judges.
wine tasting panel

Dave gives each taster a more than adequate sample of wine to smell, swirl and taste. We then simple hold up our fingers rating it from one to five. Not very scientific, but we like to keep it pretty simple. We judge the reds and whites separately and then at the end choose the over-all winner between the best red and the best white. This year's winner was Unruly Red. A California Red Wine bottled in 2013.

This year’s winner flaked by past winners.
wine winner

We also had a few games of cornhole as a warm-up activity while we waited for the tasters to arrive. Of course, there was plenty of food to eat and tons of “catching-up” on the latest happening of friends and family.

Look at Paul’s form.


We all had a wonderful time and can't wait till next summer to see what wines Marsha manages to collect over the winter.

Before the big wine tasting party, Paul borrowed Dave’s pressure washer.

Paul using pressure washer

  That’s not wet.  It’s the difference between the dirty and cleaned area. What a difference!

clean driveway

Marsha finished another plastic bag mat. She is so proud of her stripes.

mat 2

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!