Thursday, October 12, 2017


Monday, October 9 – With Houston, TX, just down the road about four hours, we took our time getting on the road this morning. Many of you will get a kick out of this but it was about 8 a.m. when we headed south on US-59 (future I-69). That's a late start for us. We like to head out early and finish our day's drive early.

Skyline of downtown Houston.

We arrived at the Houston Elks Lodge before noon finishing another uneventful drive. Wonderful not to have driving problems! We feel at home at the Houston Lodge. This is actually Paul's home lodge. He transferred his membership here last spring. Our youngest daughter lives in Houston also, so it's nice to spend some time with her. We've learned our way around the Houston area and even are pretty use to the driving. We also know when NOT to drive through town!

The Elks Campground has ten full hook-up sites. Eight are concrete pads and two are gravel. The road to the sites behind the lodge is gravel. The sites are not spaced very far apart, especially when some insist on crowding their car of truck in between the sites. There's a 100 space parking lot thirty feet away but people don't walk much these days. The Lodge does have free internet, but you have to be in the first four or five sites to pick it up.

We always try to get the end site (Site # 1) so we have a little privacy on our patio side, and it is Bella’s favorite spot. Although the lodge patio and swimming pool are nearby, people aren't there until evening. There are a couple sites occupied full time by permanent residents (not happy about that) but most are over-nighters or monthly renters like ourselves. We've tried several times to convince the Lodge to add some sites but they don't seem to interested in doing that.

Elks Lodge 151

Elks Lodge 151

Looking right.
Elks Lodge 151

Looking left.
Elks Lodge 151

We will be here through the Christmas holidays. Well, our RV will be here. Marsha flies back to her Ohio family in early December to spend the holidays, and Paul and Carrie fly in just before Christmas. We then return before New Years with intentions to head to the Rio Grande Valley for January.

Update to Elks Lodge membership: Marsha is now a member of the Ladies Auxiliary group. If we were here fulltime, she would quickly work herself up to President….lol   She also read all the By-Laws. Who does that?