Friday, January 17, 2014


Thursday, January 16, 2014 - Marsha has been super busy living the life of a “Wedding Planner.” Busy but Paul thinks she loves it! Kelly, the bride-to-be, is flying to Houston in early February so she, Marsha and her sister, Carrie, can do some planning and go dress shopping. That means Paul has been driving Marsha all over Houston to preview various dress shops.

The weather has returned to more seasonable temperatures with lows in the fifties and highs in the seventies...YES!

Rainbow after a quick shower.

We had a little excitement with our Verizon Jet Pack. We have automatic text messages sent when we use reach various levels of our 5G allotted data usage. We received a text the other day that we had reached the 50% level and just thirty minutes later, we received another text that we were at the 75% level. Then in another thirty minutes we were at the 90% level. YIKES!!

A quick call to Verizon netted us an additional 5G's of data (at no cost) until we could figure out what the heck was happening. We still haven't figured it out. We changed the pass word on the Jet Pack just incase someone here at the park broke the code. We did monitor usage daily. It might have been a malfunction in the Jet Pack or an unwanted automatic download. Picasa has been doing some downloads that have caused high data usage, but we don't think we were involved with that problem. Marsha read on Rick’s blog how to uninstalled the Auto-Backup To G+. She did that, so we are pretty sure that wasn’t the problem. She has both our computer set that any downloads and installs must first be approved by one of us. Very strange indeed.

Paul washed the RV and then put several coats of wax on the front. This area takes the most beating with smashed bugs while driving and it seems most of the rain water runs off this direction.

paul washing truck

Looks like new!
paul polishing truck

While Paul was washing the 5th wheel, Marsha took the truck and did laundry. This is the first time Marsha has ever driven the  “Big-Ass Truck”…her exact words, without having Paul along.  Of course, Marsha managed to get lost too! The Washateria, as Laundromats are called in this part of the country, is only about a mile down the same road we are camped on, but she managed to get lost....LOL.  

marsha driving truck

The campground here at the Elks Lodge remains FULL. This has us a little concerned. We were lucky to nab a spot this year, but what happens in the future? We've come to rely on the Elks Lodge as our “Houston Home.” We like being here for the holidays and will sure be disappointed if we get “shut out” in the future.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!