Saturday, January 25, 2014


Friday, January 24 – We haven't done much since our last post. Relaxing, enjoying the wonderful weather, and of planning :-)

Paul finally found some time to do a little carving.

paul carving

He carved a tree spirit in a cypress knee.

paul carving

Carving tree spirits is one of Paul's favorite types of carving. He use to do quite a bit of chain saw carving and managed to carve many tree spirits in those days. He likes the creative freedom afforded with tree spirits. He doesn’t have to worry about someone looking at a carving and saying, “Well, that doesn't really look like a bear.” LOL

Finish product
tree spirit

This one hangs in the 5th wheel. It was done a long time ago.
tree spirit

The weather HAD been gorgeous here. We have been outside enjoying the warm sun and blue sky. Bella is really enjoying the outdoors. Fortunately for her, there are many birds for her to dream about capturing and even another cat across the bayou she keeps an eye on. Cats are funny!

beautiful weather 

But….Mother Nature sent us a warning blast of cold weather this morning....just to let us know she's still in charge. It was actually some freezing rain.

ice on truck 

If you're familiar with Houston, you know most of the freeways are pretty much elevated highways. They don't do well with freezing rain…which leads to shutting them down…which leads to school closures. (Funny that our daughter, a school teacher in NE Ohio, experienced below zero temperatures this morning. Her school was open, and Houston schools were closed due to cold and freezing was 30 degrees in Houston. What a hoot!) Many stores had delayed openings, and the Elks Lodge canceled Bingo! Golly! So.....we've been hibernating indoors today.

Back in the 60's on Saturday but another one day cold blast by Tuesday of next week. Can't complain though. Overall the weather has been spectacular here in Houston. One of our friends just warned Paul that he better be careful sitting out in the sun – skin cancer you know! So Mother Nature sent along a cold blast to send him indoors.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!