Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tuesday, September 6 – WOW has the weather changed. The high today was 59. Due to the electric problems here in Marsha's brothers driveway, we can't turn on any electric heat. We don't have our propane heater set up yet and refuse to do it this early! 

Today, we received our paperwork from the Livingston Texas Tax Office (Polk County) to register our new CRV. Thank goodness we can do this by mail because we won't be in Texas for a couple months. It's a pretty comprehensive under-taking. Several forms to fill-out, copies of titles to send in, and of course a check to write for fees and sales taxes.

We have an Ohio 30-day temporary tag on the car now, so need to get new Texas license plates before October 2.  We have our mail received by the Escapee Club in Livingston, so we'll have them received and forwarded somewhere down the road before our temporary tag expires. Hope this works out!

Wednesday, August 31 – It wouldn't be a normal Fall in Ohio if we didn't attend the
Stark County Fair with Marsha's dad. This is the 162nd year for the fair.


Dad grew up on a farm so he really enjoys checking out the animals, 4-H entries, and machinery. To make it even more enticing, if we arrived before noon, entrance was FREE! We weren't the only ones looking for a good deal....the place was packed. We overheard a parking attendant say that they had already parked 1200 cars and it was only 11:30 am.

We were impressed with the crowd, fair ground cleanliness, and the number of animals on display. With much to see, we headed to the goat barn to begin our animal tour.

Some interesting facts…

Next was the pigs. There were some BIG BOYS among the many entries. Marsha loves to look at the pigs. She is enthralled with all the different ways they sleep.


Then the beef cattle and milking cows. Fred, Marsha's dad, was a milk farmer so we spent some time examining the cows. He actually worked the fields with a team of horses as a young boy.


Scottish Highland

Get the lowdown on this one. Image gaining that much weight each day.cow-sign

Speaking of horses, that was our next stop. This horse's name was Bella. Not to be confused with our cat Bella.

Of course, there are the llamas.

There are always those cute little babies.

Not only did we view the horse stables, but today the trotters were racing so we stopped at the track to view a couple races. It wouldn't be as much fun with out placing a bet, so we each placed $2 on a horse picked at random.


Marsha had horse #2, Fred #3 and Paul #4. Paul's horse led the entire race.....except the last few feet.

Paul's horse out front.

It was a photo finish with horses #2 & #3 finishing in a dead heat in first place. The two dollar bet was good for a return of $12.50. That should cover our lunch!

Marsha's photo finish. We were just slightly behind the finish line.

We then walked through the political area where people running for office were handing out tablets, fly swatters, rulers, buttons, bumper stickers, and flags. Not being a registered voter in Ohio any longer, we breezed through grabbing a couple free items.

Of course no visit to a fair is complete without visiting the “huckster” barn where people were selling "must haves" like gutter guards, aluminum siding, replacement windows, swimming pools, Vegamatics, dicers, miracle creams for back pain, and tickets to heaven.

Marsha's favorite area is the hobby barn where quilts, knitting, canning, flower arranging, cakes, pies, huge vegetables, photography, and other hobbies are entered for showing. Marsha should have entered one of her amazing baskets! OH…thanks hon for that endorsement.

This is for our friend Louise, Duane and Louise's Travels, who does amazing quitting, and for a recent fair winner herself, Paulette, Rick & Paulette's RV Travels.

The flowers this year were amazing. Marsha never saw a brown sunflower.sunflower

Pie judging for our friend Joyce, who every year judges pies at another local fair.

We roamed through the machinery, the trapping & hunting buildings, the 4-H areas, and of course 100's of food wagons. Amazingly, we were able to skip the sausage sandwiches, fries, onion rings, and soft drinks.

The men had to check out the tractors.

If you ever complain about having a neighbor toooo close, check this out.

Now that is close. That's how they park them in the fairgrounds. This one was our favorite.

It was a great day at the Fair. Tired from walking all day, we headed to a local eatery for sandwiches to conclude a wonderful time. Thanks for lunch, dad!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll again. Have a great day!