Saturday, November 5, 2016


Saturday, November 5 - WARNING.....WARNING – To all you Rv'ers that know the best time to drive through Houston is on the weekends, you might want to reconsider that from now through most of December. All lanes of I-45 will be closed Friday evening through Sunday every weekend so a damaged bridge can be re-built. This will cause massive delays on I-10 and all the Interstates around the city by people trying to bypass this closure. We recommend making the drive straight through the city during the week between 10:00 and 3:00. GOOD LUCK!

We are still at the Houston Elks Lodge in Stafford, TX. This morning was a great time to attend the Farmer's Market at Imperial in nearby Sugar Land, TX. We attended this market last year and had such an enjoyable time we wanted to go back today. This isn't a huge affair. About 30-40 booths selling everything from delicious pastries, fresh veggies, barbecue sauces, handmade crafts, and other interesting items.

Lots of doggie booths.
doggie treats

This gal has everything that is delicious!



We only purchased a couple small pastries for breakfast and some bread Marsha enjoyed last year. This girl is of India decent and has about a dozen different India breads and sauces. All with a very unusual and interesting taste. Paul preferred the blueberry sconce.

Bluebid Bakehouse

Paul couldn’t wait to get to the car to eat his purchase. Yummy!

We enjoyed looking at all the items for sale and especially enjoyed talking to the friendly people working in the booths. We always ask if it's okay to take a photograph for our blog and that leads to many interesting discussions of our lifestyle. Most everyone is very interested in hearing about our travels and quite a few dream of a similar lifestyle in the future. It also serves as a good excuse why we can't purchase many of the items they are selling. :-)

Paul finished up the door window install by building a valance above the door for a window blind. Looks great.




The weather has been beautiful but sometimes a bit hot here in Houston. The temps are anywhere from 80-90 degrees. The nice days bring beautiful night skies.

houston sky

houston sky

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!