Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Wednesday, April 10  - We are back in Augusta, GA, getting ready to attend the Masters Golf Tournament. Paul's brother has attended for nearly 30 years and is going to share his tickets with us on Thursday morning. What a great adventure! We are not golfers but we are sports enthusiasts so we watch the PGA frequently. It's also great to hear are friends that are avid golfers go crazy that we get to attend the Masters.

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The Masters have very strict rules about what you can take into the golf course. Unfortunately, no cameras, no cell phones, or other electronic devices. Lots of other rules too. If you get caught breaking any of the rules, your credentials (tickets) are confiscated and you are barred from the Masters FOR LIFE! Paul doesn't think his brother would like us to try smuggling a camera on the course.

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Paul checked on possible tours of the Augusta Nationals Golf Club. Everyone he talked to simply laughed. Even professional golfers have to win a qualifying tournament to get on the course. It is VERY strictly – MEMBERS ONLY! The place is surrounded by a high fence and you can't even see onto the course or see the clubhouse.

Our tickets.

All photos must be courtesy of the Internet. Remember, no cameras allowed.


If you want to attend the Masters and take pictures, you can get in the ticket lottery for practice round tickets. Pictures are permitted during the practice rounds. Unfortunately, since Paul's brother has regular annual tickets, he is not permitted to get practice round tickets.

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We also have a Masters Party to attend at John's home on Friday evening. He has a wonderful party every year for 50-60 of his closest friends and business acquaintances. That should be another fun time for sure.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!