Friday, February 27, 2015


Thursday, February 26 – Although the Cleveland Indians and the Spring Training Cactus League don't begin games until Tuesday, March 3, we decided to head to the baseball field in Goodyear, Arizona, to enjoy the team at practice. Man did we have a good time!

Cleveland Indians spring training

We started our visit at the Stadium where the games are held.

Cleveland Indians spring training

We were here three years ago; it seems like yesterday. We walked briefly around the stadium for some necessary photo opts.

Cleveland Indians spring training

We then stopped in the team store to check-out the “Spring Training” t-shirts. Yep, we each got one!

Cleveland Indians spring training

The Indians practice down the road from the stadium with the team spread out on seven different fields. The public has access to four of these fields.

The fields are awesome!
Cleveland Indians spring training

The players walk down the sidewalk to the fields to give fans opportunities to take pictures and shout out words of encouragement. It always surprises us how different many of the players look in person. On TV they appear bigger in some cases and smaller in others.

Nick Swisher and Ryan Rayburn
Cleveland Indians spring training

Michael Brantley. Marsha thinks he is just so cute and an excellent ball player!
Cleveland Indians spring training

We are both Indians fans but Marsha takes it one or two steps further than Paul. She's crazy about them! She took numerous pictures and even got a picture with the former manager Mike Hargrove (1991–99). He led the Indians to five consecutive AL Central Division titles in 1995–99, and World Series appearances in 1995 and 1997.. Marsha says to the ladies…He is so handsome close up!

Mike Hardgrove

Later during practice, Hargrove was hitting balls and tossed one to Marsha remembering her from the photo opt. Does Paul have something to worry about here? Ha ha!!

Marsha and Indians ball

We were a little surprised to see Terry Francona, the manager, actually hitting the ball to the players during infield practice. WOW! Thought those top guys only did the managing....LOL

Tito Francona

We watched the team practice for quite awhile. We saw some infield drills, pitching practice and then finished up the morning with batting practice. What beautiful swings these professional players have. Amazing!

Kyle Crockett did an outstanding job for the Indians last year.DSC01105

Jason Kipnis had his ups and downs last year. Hope there are more
ups than down this year.

Carlos Santana looks like he has slimmed down quite a bit.
Carlos Santana

Our catcher, Yan Gomes, had an outstanding 2014 season.
Yan Gomes

After a couple hours the team began moving toward the indoor facilities so we called it a day and headed home. It was a fun and interesting day. Next week the games begin, and we have plans to attend at least three games. Go Tribe!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!