Saturday, January 3, 2015


Saturday, January 4 - Despite predicted cold temps for the American Southwest the next couple days, we have decided to gut it out and pullout of balmy Houston on Sunday morning. Actually, the temperatures in Houston will only be about 12-15 degrees warmer (guess due to the Gulf) than where we're headed anyway. If we can get through the next three or four days, we should be back into nice temps!

Can you believe fuel prices? We saw regular gas here in Houston selling for $1.57 and filled up our diesel fuel tank today for $2.69/gallon. Thought for sure prices would shoot up just about the time we were preparing for our winter travels.

We said good-bye to daughter, Carrie, and friends here at the Houston Elks over the weekend. We enjoy it here in Houston and can see the day, sometime in the future, where we would spend most of the winter here. But we still have some adventure in our bones, so off we go!

Sunday night, January 4, finds us in the Kerrville, TX, Elks lodge. This is only a one night travel stop. Monday is "drive much of the way across Texas day" finding us in Balmorhea, TX, for the night. This is a common stop for us at I-10 Travel Stop, a Passport America campground, full-hookups for $10. Tuesday hopes to find us in Elephant Butte, NM, where Paul wants to checkout the Very Large Array (VLA) telescopes in Socorro, NM, on Wednesday. If all goes as planned, we'll report on that amazing radar installation in the near future.

2015 finds us thrilled with the CFB Championship game. As our dear friend, Russ and Donna….Oregon fans, put it….”The Battle of The O's for the National Title.”

OSU vs Oregon

We hope after beating #1 Alabama, there is little doubt in any football fan’s mind that Ohio State deserved to be in the top four for the National Championship. In case anyone out there doesn’t realize how big this win was, OSU is using their THIRD-string quarterback. As Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN sports analyst, put it, “Most fans don’t even know who their second string QB is let alone their THIRD string.” Well, said, Kirk.

Buckeyes vs the Ducks

Who will take home the trophy?

For a little fun, Russ sent an email asking if we would like to do a little wager on the game. Never turning down a challenge, we said…We’re in. IF and only IF, OSU loses, we will send Russ and Donna…

Fannie Mae/Harry London Buckeye Candy Box, 11.25oz,
Creamy peanut butter coated in luscious milk chocolate.

When Oregon loses, we will receive chocolate covered eggs. We hope they aren’t real duck eggs…lol

For all our blogger friends headed to Quartzsite this January, our group is having a Blogger-Fest. This will be a great way to meet as many blogger friends as possible at one time. Thanks to Jeri of Just Wanderin’, the following graphic gives as much info as we know for sure right now.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!