Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday, January 14 – Paul enjoyed the beautiful morning playing pickleball with several of his friends.


It was a perfect day....sunny, warm, and no wind. Since you play pickleball with a whiffleball the size of a baseball, wind is you enemy. If it's blowing more than a few miles per hour it becomes impossible to play.


We did something unusual today, especially since we are staying in a 55+ RV Park. We attended the wedding of friends, Luisa & Elmer.


We met them last year when we got involved in a remodeling project at Luisa's house (you can click here to read all about it). Elmer joined the work crew near the end of the project, met Luisa, dated for the past year, and are now married. Elmer is building a casita (a small house) here in Hidden Valley Ranch where they will be living once he is finished.

The wedding was held in Mission, TX at the Methodist Church. It was going to be a small family affair but grew as those things frequently do, into an event attended by about 50-60 family and friends. It was a fun event and the Bride & Groom appeared very happy.


BLOG UPDATE: Many readers commented with questions on how we like staying on a covered RV site. I worried at first we may not like it, and that we would have problems with out satellite TV and with Verizon internet service.

Well, after two weeks, I can report that we love it! The TV and internet are no problem. The roof keeps the MH clean and as an added and significant bonus, here in the frequently windy RGV, the roof protects us from the wind and especially keeps the slide-out awnings from flapping noisily in the wind!! This flapping drove us crazy at times last year!

Another plus is it keeps the coach warmer on cool mornings. Usually, I am unable to use the roof mounted heat pump if outside temperatures drop below about 43 degrees. Although an unusual occurrence here in the RGV, it happens. With the covered site I am still able to use the AC heat pump (it got down to 40 degrees Wednesday and it's running now!) instead of turning on that inefficient propane furnace!!!

We also have the use of a storage shed on our site and have found it indispensable. We park our bikes safely there, store chairs, the grill, and other supplies & equipment. Paul forgot how nice it was to have a barn for his “stuff.” Better get out of here quick before he starts accumulate too much “stuff.”......LOL

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!