Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sunday, April 10 – Today is our last day in Houston. Monday, after rush hour, we head straight through the heart of Houston on US-59 to Livingston, TX. We'll be spending a week there, visiting friends and getting our MH weighed at the Escapee's Rainbow's End. - our hometown.

But hold on.....today is another adventure! After church we are heading to our daughter's apartment for one last visit with our girls and we meet a “good” friend of Carrie’s, Jay.

The girls treated us to a homemade dinner of grilled chicken, steak and shishkabobs. But, before we ate this, Carrie started us off with an appetizer…CRAWFISH!


Oh my, Carrie is the only one of the five who has have crawfish…so the adventure begins. Marsha has always wanted to try them but I DO NOT! She really dug in. And is happy to report she really liked them.


Kelly wasn’t so sure.


Jay was a good sport about it but I DID NOT like them!


I'm glad to report the Jay is a very nice young man. We barbequed lunch, played some games, and just enjoyed each others company. It was great being with them one more day before we depart.

Since we won't be seeing them at Easter, Marsha celebrated the occasion early.......a visit from the Easter Bunny. She just loves this stuff.......JEESH!  She said to say that the girls love it too. I think we may hear something from about that.


Again, we had a wonderful day at Carrie's house. Nothing better for us to spend a few hours with the girls!

Monday, April 11 – Time to “Hit the Road.” After 33 days here at the Houston Elks, we are pulling out and heading North on US-59 to Livingston, TX. This is the beginning of a two month circular trip through Arkansas, Southern Missouri, Southern Oklahoma, and back to Texas. We're a little nervous about this journey through “tornado alley” at this time of year. We have our weather radio and computers to keep an eye out for troubling storms. Keep us in your prayers for smooth sailing!

First leg of the trip went quite well. Even though the traffic through Houston was a little heavier than expected, we sailed right through.


We arrived in Livingston, TX in less than two hours. Got a great site, No. #90 on the hill.




Bella, our cat, was in Heaven!!! She loves sitting out in the cool grass and watching the world go by. She was out for several hours in the afternoon and several hours again in the evening.


We went over to Ed and Linda Lavin's site for happy hour.


We originally met Ed and Linda in Quartzsite in January of 2010. We've enjoyed hooking up with them several times since. We sat and got caught up with each others lives. They are HUGE Boston Red Sox’s fans. They had the game on but were not happy with the results. Bella came to Happy Hour and loved visiting a new area with all it's wonderful smells and sights. A very enjoyable evening.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!