Sunday, January 9, 2011


Thursday, January 6 – Paul started another project in the Motorhome. If you'll recall from an earlier post, we removed and sold one of the two sofas.


We already purchased a chair and footstool but wanted to extend the wall cabinets and perhaps install a computer table. Well, that's the project Paul began today.

Fortunately for us, our site has a garage with a full workshop. Paul is so excited about this. It will make this job a ton easier! Thanks, Norm, for letting us use your facility.


Building cabinets in an RV is a little different than in a standard home. You want to conserve weight wherever possible. Paul started with a skeleton type framework.



He did add some partitions in a couple sections to give the drawer case a little structural strength or stability.


Before finishing the fronts with maple, Paul wants to design and build a computer desk. He used cardboard to build a rough facsimile of the finished desk. He used this to get a picture in his mind what he wants to design.


Friday, January 7- He is at it again today. First up is the computer desk. He wants to get that roughed in before continuing with the wall cabinets. They meet in the corner so he wants to figure out how to accomplish that merge.....huh???

Well, looks like he figured it out.


The leg under the computer is only temporary.


Checking out the fit.


There looks like a nice place to put the printer in the corner cabinet. We need to buy a new printer....the old one kind of got broken when Paul was mounting it in another cabinet.

Well, that completed another day of cabinet making. Time to chill-out and enjoy some of this gorgeous sunshine......he needs to take Bella out for some exercise too!

More on the cabinets and the campground in the next blog.

Which of the Weavers is in the wrong place for this time of the year?



There really is a road in there somewhere!


or This…


Yes, those are oranges.


While Paul is building cabinets, Marsha is building something very different. Actually, building isn’t the correct work…creating would be more like it. At our church in Canton, we have a Prayer Shawl ministry. I joined the group shortly before we left and learned how to knit. I NEVER thought I would do something like this, but I love it. The Ministry makes shawls and lap blankets for the shut-ins, people in nursing homes and hospitals. The Pastor blesses them, and they are distributed. I have made many over the past year and a half. I just finished one that I am going to give to my Aunt Johanne. She has been going through a ton of physical problems over the past year. I pray it will bring her some comfort!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you all back real soon. Have a great day.