Sunday, November 21, 2010


Friday, November 19 - Another beautiful day in South Texas, so we headed to the beach. Relaxation, reading and soaking up some sun......ahhhhhhh!

Marsha took this picture from the balcony of the pavilion. Yes, that is Paul way out there. See any one else….NOPE!


Does this look like any commercial you have seen on TV?


Marsha got a kick out of a pelican feeding near shore. Those darn things dive for fish almost doing a summersault....making a pretty good splash too! Crazy!


We also saw a crane having a picnic.


Saturday, November 20 – Football Saturday. Ohio State and Virginia Tech won….YEA! Were are hoping that OSU wins next week against Michigan and Wisconsin loses. This will put OSU ahead of Wisconsin in the ranking, and they will go to the Rose Bowl! VT is already the winner of their division of the ACC.

Sunday, November 21 – Started with church this morning; then more R and R. We met a few more people. This is by far the friendliest park we have been in. Most all the parks we visit, we find people are very nice but here they are so nice and friendly.

Attended the ice cream social…lots of socializing goes on at this event. We have enjoyed our stay here. If we fished, it would be a place we could spend much more time.

Tomorrow on to Houston.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back soon. Have a great day!