Monday, August 6, 2012


Monday, August 6 - The Hall of Fame Grand Parade was this past Saturday, and Marsha was up front and center…really three rows back on the hill but she had a great view. Each year her brother, Rick, gets free tickets to sit at the Civic Center. They have a free buffet breakfast before, during and after the parade. Rick, Chris and Marsha sit, eat, and watch the parade pass-by.


The HOF Grande Parade started in 1963. That first year, an estimated 40,000 spectators gathered on the three-mile parade route. That first parade in 1963 featured 93 units, including 17 bands.

football player float

In 2006, the Timken Co. assumed the sponsorship role for the parade. It is now called the Timken Grand Parade.

Tmken Grande Parade

Today, nearly 200,000 spectators lined the 2.2 mile route. The 2012 parade featured over 100 units.

The South Shore Drill Team from Chicago entertained the crowd. There were great!
HOF parade3

The Timken Grand Parade has something for everyone!

Class of Enshrinees. There were six.
Chris Doleman

Curtis Martin

Willie Roaf

Many returning Hall of Famers.

Floyd Little

Giant Helium Balloons
HOF parade balloons

HOF Queen and Court
HOF queen and court

HOF float

12th man float

Animal Units
This one was interesting.


Bands, cheerleaders and majorettes.

cheerleaders and majorettes

We had two nieces (one a cheerleader; one a band member) and one cousin (majorette) who marched in the parade.

Our niece, Laura plays the quad drums for Canton South High School.
Laura playing drums.

Many more unique and fun specialty units.

Boy Scout group


Thomas the Train

It was a super parade. Everyone did a great job. Our hats off to all the volunteers.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!