Friday, May 24, 2013


Monday, May 20 – Paul is happy to report that the bathroom renovation is completed.....whew! That was a bigger job then he expected. At least is took longer than he planned, but it's now done and looks wonderful.

One of his last jobs was to crawl up in the attic and attach a pipe to the exhaust fan to vent it outside. He had to do some serious squeezing to get that done, that's why he put it off to the end of the remodel. Actually, it went well and the job wasn't too bad. Marsha loves it!

paul in attic

Some photos of the finished product. Window coverings have been order.

Out with the old.
old bathroom

In with the new.

toilet area



A well-deserved rest after a very big project.
paul sleeping

The driveway guy is suppose to be coming before the end of the month. That's the next big job Paul really wants to get done around the house. A nice apron for backing in from the street and a nice gravel area for parking the 5th wheel and his truck. Eventually he wants to run electric out to the RV parking area.

Paul couldn't sit idle very long. After running errands during the morning, he came home and started the demolition of the old sun porch. This is a real eye soar, and it will be nice to be rid of it. It's all aluminum so Paul will load the scrap in his truck and see what they'll pay him for it at the recycle center.

Ugly sunroom.

We think this carpeting is a throw back from the '60's.floor

windows gone

roof coming down

It didn't take long (about a day and a half) to finish the demolition of the sun porch. The rear of the house looks so much better without that eyesore. It opens up the area allowing more sunlight to enter the kitchen and improves the view out the kitchen window immensely. Now to fix that wall and try to remove all that glue on the cement.


Now what does Marsha have next on his “honey-do list?” We have some grass to plant around the house so that would be a great “next job” for Paul. He needs a little break before beginning another BIG job.

Hopefully, our next post will be about the completion of the driveway.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.