Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wednesday, June 30 – We've arrived back in Ohio and are parked in Rick’s, Marsha’s brother, driveway. This is so great of them to let us do this. Marsha’s dad lives in the house in back of Rick. Marsha is so happy to be able to see her dad everyday. Kelly is staying with her grandpa.



Kelly and Marsha’s dad together for the first time in a year. Of course the celebrating began immediately!


It took a little figurin' to get the electric hooked-up. We had to give-up on our attempt to get 30 amp electric out of an old A/C shut-off and simply plug into 115 volt plug in the garage. So far we can run just about anything we want...just not all at the same time. We have an EMS (Electrical Management System) from Progressive Industries which has a digital monitor that allows Paul to view our electrical usage. Pretty neat!


It's nice to be in cool weather for a change. It was 53 degrees this morning when Paul got up this morning. He even dug out a sweatshirt....brrrrr! Nice weather for all the jobs Paul wants to get done around the MH. Yesterday, he installed the electrical devices he got for Christmas (Voltage monitor,


Indoor/Outdoor thermometer). The top number is the temperature in the MH. Marsha put her heavy robe on and blanket around her legs. She said that we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to run the air condition…now we wonder if we can run our furnace…GEESH!!


He also rehung (Is that a word?) Marsha's book rack for the third time. Hopefully, this time it will stay put.

Paul also did some errands around town. Funny how things seemed to have stood still during our nearly one year on the road. He also went to the Wellness Center to sign-up for his back surgery rehabilitation and exercising while in Ohio.

More HM “to do list” items on tap for today. Going to paint the new air conditioner cover, check the roof for any needed caulking, clean the roof vents, and hopefully have time to work on the kitchen faucet. Another busy (Paul's type of fun) day!

Thanks Rick and Chris for letting us stay here!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back again.