Saturday, December 19, 2009


Wednesday, December 16 - Still wake up early. It’s rare that I sleep past 5 a.m. I try like crazy to stay up later in the evening but it's tough. The sidewalks roll up early here, nothing on TV, so I sit down to read and the next thing I know I'm asleep at 9:30. Holy Cow! Need to find an evening activity that keeps me awake. Guess I'll have to become a computer Geek!

Decided to go ahead and get a second spinal block injection before leaving the Houston area. Appointment is scheduled for Friday at 11:30!

Nice day today......finally. Washed the motor home and did several outside jobs.....Wonderful!

Marsha and I went up and played Mexican Train tonight. That's always fun.

Thursday, December 17 - ITS OUR 2-MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Yep, we've been on the road since Oct. 17, 2009. One thing we've done, that many beginners fail to do is to take it slow and not act like you're on a vacation. I'm sure that's because of family time in Texas for the holidays and getting this “roughed-up” body of mine in shape.

Went up to the activity center for dinner tonight – pork chops. We enjoyed talking with new friends, Don and Joyce, and out doing each other with travel stories. FUN!

Friday, December 18 – Off to Houston, again. We've made a several trips to the Houston area. Mostly for Paul's doctor appointments. I'm getting a second spinal block injection today. All went well. Home by 4 p.m. and chilled the rest of the evening. Marsha caught up on some of her reading and playing with Bella.