Monday, July 11, 2011


Saturday, July 9 – Not much going on at Camp Red Bay.....service bays are closed for the weekend. Paul washed the MH with the Solution, a waterless cleaning solution that he really likes. He also added water to our batteries....they are on their last leg and will be replaced soon.

About four o'clock, our friends, Brian & Janet Henderson pulled into the site next door. We had a great time catching up with each others lives and reminiscing about the past. We shared quite a few beverages sitting outside enjoying the evening. It's great to see these wonderful old friends.

Janet, Brian, Paul, Marsha

Sunday, July 10 – We're just hanging out on the old airport runway that is now Tiffin Camp Allegro (better known as Camp Red Bay). We took Bella over to the park so she could enjoy the grass and trees, but it was just too hot for our little kitty, so we returned home to the MH and she enjoyed the air conditioner instead....LOL

There was a HUGE storm that went through this area in May. It looks like the clean-up crew cut-up  a couple of trees and then left. This area was beautiful last year when we were here. We can't believe they have just left it a mess!

Hoyt Keeton Walking Path



Paul and Bella found a nice shady spot.

Later in the afternoon, we went with Brian & Janet over to the Tiffin factory to see several MH's sitting in the parking lot waiting to be shipped. They sure are nice, but nothing that would make me run out to buy a new one!

Boy, is Camp Red Bay filling-up! There are not too many empty spaces. Now that the July 4th vacation week is over, everybody is back to work here at the service center. Busy, busy, busy!!!

We did another happy hour with several neighbors and had a good time sharing full-timing life and talking about life and what it sends your way!!! It's interesting how different people deal with the different road blocks of life.......pretty deep!!!

Brain, Janet, Susie, Becky, Paul,

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!