Sunday, June 2, 2013


Friday, May 24 - The guys came to do the driveway improvements today. Paul wants to widen the apron where the driveway meets the road, widen the driveway to the rear of the house, and add a gravel parking area for the 5th wheel and his truck.

before front drive

He also is having the guys tear out and old cement pad in the backyard. He's not sure what the purpose of this pad was for previous owners. Why did they have it poured in the middle of no where?

before backyard

The topsoil and other dirt that was removed for the driveway base Paul is having dumped along the rear property line to create a hill. He plans on adding a fence along the top creating a private garden area for Marsha to do her landscaping. She had a similar rock garden at our last house and just loved it!

Backyard work.
backyard work

There is that gray-haired foreman again.

Need some work done along the garage.sideyard

They will be back to pave this area in two weeks.

driveway work

The driveway turned out as planned and Paul is delighted. He has to wait awhile for the asphalt to cure and get harder before trying out the 5th wheel on the new apron. He doesn't want to dig it up and ruin it quite yet. The parking area is wonderful (even room for a visitor or two – but there's only 120 volt electric for now), and the mound of dirt for the fence is in place.

New driveway…so much easier to back in the 5th driveway

Nice big parking area.
back parking area

This area will be a flower garden…one day. back flower garden

Paul got busy hauling dirt and placing it along the edge of the new asphalt for planting grass. Marsha was so happy to start planting flowers around the house. We did some adjustments of the planting beds in front of the house. For some unknown reason, the previous owners had a 20' wide bed along the front. We cut that back to a more reasonable size and planted grass.

front yard

tiling yard

grass and straw down

side garden

What a difference a little landscaping makes. Notice the front awning is missing also. So much nicer.
front flower garden

We also planted a vegetable garden with just a few plants. Several tomatoes, some sweet peppers, and some zucchini. Paul put a wire fence around it because we've seen raccoons, rabbits and ground hogs hanging around, and they'll tear a garden down in no time.

The End.
the end

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